What is the coolest thing you have ever created alone as a programmer?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 10, 2020 05:59 AM

(Instead of downvoting, please ignore my answer if you find my writing style ‘too aggressive’ )

I created CHAOS .


I was/am not a programmer, but I did this very stupid thing which I think I should finally confess.

I was in my 7th Standard in my ex ex school. ( Yes, ‘ex ex’ ). I was 13 years old.

During those days, we kids used to have lots of fun in the computer lab. Some dude would bring a game in the USB Drive. We used to wait for the teachers to turn their backs or something so that we could insert the USB Drive into the computer and install the game there.

Sometimes some dude would bring porn too. But we mostly used to install those games only and have fun.

But you know, I was cool.


It was NOT a virus exactly. It was like any other program, having a normal source code which would instruct the computer to do simple things like deleting DLLs from system32 folder .

I meant no serious harm. Those computers in the LAB didnt have anything great in it either. Only Turbo C++ , Visual Basic, LOGO etc. I was just curious to see how things work. How chaotic things could get, that too when no one realizes that you are the culprit.



On that fateful Computer Practical Day somewhere in November 2011, I installed that file in one of the computers and added it in the Startup folder, and ended the class as an obedient student by completing the HTML assignment the quickest.

The next day, I went into the Lab to check my practical copy, I saw that one technician was re-installing Windows XP on that computer where I installed that file !

I felt so proud of myselves.


Destruction Level = Half Yearly exams DELAYED by a few minutes.

I told two of my friends about what I was doing. They were shocked. But I wrote simpler and less destructive codes for them and their computers. They tried it. And ofcourse, they were shocked.

One day before the Half Yearly exam , I distributed the most destructive code to these two guys. And we could install it in maybe 6–7 computers. The lab had around 30 computers. Ofcourse we kept the program in the Startup folder. All had Windows XP.

The next day, we would be having our half yearly practical exams.

And..the next day,

3 of those computers were not booting up properly. And the 4th one had ‘100% RAM and 100% Disk Usage’ error.

Exams got DELAYED.

Guys, believe me. As a kid, it was SO MUCH FUN watching all these chaos taking place.

These computers had antiviruses, but the codes I wrote were not viruses. They were just simple programs which had a bad intent which Windows XP had no clue about. Windows 7 had, I guess. One of the PCs had Windows 7, we tried it there and it didnt work.

You want to see the codes ?

I am writing down one of the codes.

Type this in Notepad and save it with the .bat extension instead of .txt .

@echo off
start http://www.facebook.com
goto 0
This will keep opening the facebook page in an infinite loop. Everytime,a new tab in your browser will be created, and as the loop continues, RAM gets filled up, eventually leading to system instability.

I dont do such harmful stuffs anymore. But when I was a kid back then, these little little things used to fascinate me about the Technical World.

And yes, wont forget those evil smiles I exchanged with those two friends when the exam got delayed by a few minutes because of our cute little work !

#Childhood_Memories !

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