What is the coronavirus survival rate in Spain?

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  1. 97,8% in the ones tested positive. As is believed that 80–85% of the ones that have/had covid-19 are not even tested because do not even get fever, but a very light signals (headache, cough)… the REAL survival rate is more than 99.5%

    The problem is that covid-19 is spreading fast and widely and to all kind of persons…but is not a super-killer virus.

    So if at its peak, and in worst scenario 50% of Spaniards get infected…this would mean 23 million*0.5%death rate= 115.000 deaths.

    But this is with no control or quarentine, so is not expected more than 5.000 deaths, normaly elderly ones. And every DAY die 1.000 persons by natural death un Spain in normal conditions.

    The problem is that to decrease to the 5.000, we will need to stop the economy and gatherings.

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