What is the creepiest experience you have ever had in school?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 24, 2020 01:19 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 24, 2020 01:19 PM

I was in middle school at the time and people were BRUTAL! I would see heads slammed against lockers and the “gangster” kids walking through the hallway talking about their 2 day suspension for giving a kid a major concussion. I was so freaked out! I begged my mom to move me to a new school and she said she was trying and that she applied me to a few other nearby middle schools.

Now, as you all know, there is a big problem with school shooting right now. I was scared to go to middle school for school shootings but I never told anyone about it. There was a prison near my school (WTF!) and I would shake through my classes wondering if anything happened. I was so freaked out that I would not drop it when someone got hurt or something happened and I just had to know what was going on!

One day I was sitting outside at recess when a small girl named Ella ran up to the police officer outside with us. She was crying loudly and explaining something. All the sudden I was pushed inside and a lockout was enforced.

Turns out there was someone outside in a black coat with a gun shaped object in his pocket. Like we dont already have enough maniacs!

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