What is the creepiest unexplained event you know of?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 24, 2020 01:28 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 24, 2020 01:28 PM

I’m writing this on anon, just on the off chance this guy could trace me again –

Back in 2005 we were still using Roadrunner landline internet service from Time Warner Cable, and were having some issues with it. After trying to fix it ourselves we decided to call the company and arrange to have them send someone to come look at it. They gave us a date and time that we should expect somebody to show up to have a look at it.

Now keep in mind that cable guys are notorious for not being on time. There’s nothing weird with them showing up three hours after they said you could expect them to come. You never knew if they’d be on time or not with that sort of service.

We heard the door ring almost exactly on time for when we had the cable guy requested. Sure enough there was a guy with the uniform, and he said he was ready to look at our computer and see what the problem was. Only when he came into our computer room he looked things over and really only fidgeted with things for a few minutes, before telling us that he couldn’t solve it now, and we’d be better off calling Time Warner for another day, telling them that a typical repairman wasn’t able to handle it. Apparently they’d know what that meant and what’d be required.

So that was just a pain, we’d have to wait even longer to get our internet fixed? No. Here’s where the weird part begins.

A few hours after that we heard the door bell ring again, and this time another man in a Time Warner uniform was there to fix our internet. We were a bit shocked, saying somebody else had just been by earlier. He told us that Time Warner didn’t have anybody else scheduled to visit us that day. After showing us extra credentials to prove he was actually from Time Warner, he had a look at our computer and was able to get the internet back up and running in a few minutes. He said he saw no signs of anything suspicious or damage to our computer. He just had no clue who the first guy was.

To this day we have no idea who the first man, who we can only guess was a fake, was, how he was able to know that we were looking for someone to fix our internet, or what he was even trying to do. Like I said before we never got any viruses, spyware, or anything harmful done to our system. We never even saw him after that. But still neither we nor Time Warner has any clue how this man did any of that, nor what he was up to

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