What is the dark secret in your life?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 13, 2020 05:06 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 13, 2020 05:06 AM

34 year male here. Writing it anonymously as I don’t want myself to be shamed publicly. At the same time I want my wife to see this post and realize how much I love her.

I am working as Digital Product Manager in a leading company earning package in excess of 40 LPA. 9 years back when I was working in a IT services company, I met my wife first time as a co worker. Though her looks were pretty average and she had a chubby kind of body (75 kg weight for 170 cm is definitely not an ideal), her height attracted me to her. She is just 2 cm shorter than me. With both of us working on the same project, it gave us a lot of time to spend together.

Our relationship kept on growing with time and I proposed her one day which she readily agreed. Though I faced resistance from my parents, but they finally agreed. Hence after a courtship period of around 2 years, we married 7 years back. A dream come true for sure. We really didn’t had any issues while living together, but because of our erratic schedule, we kind of got used to of surviving on outside food. I had a relatively better metabolism, so I still continued to weigh around 75 kgs, but within year of marriage, she was touching 85 kgs. I was motivating her to join some gym, but she continued to ignore my suggestions. But since she was y choice, I was very much in love with her and never complaint.

However things changes, when one day my mother jokingly passed some taunt on her (don’t remember the exact wording now) which seriously hurt her ego. Very next day, she went to the nearby gym and started her workout on a serious note. I never thought that she would become so serious. But she was damn serious. She rigorously followed the diet plan and coupled with high intensity workout she started loosing weight at a high speed. Within a year she was 15 kgs lighter and with more consistent effort she got it further down to 63 kgs in next 6 months. She didn’t stopped there are started working hard on her muscles.

What next? She was able to develop 6 packs abs within 3 years when it all started. It was an amazing transformation which earned her huge respect everywhere. She followed it with some course and soon changed her profession from IT to fitness trainer.

As of now, she earns a decent money (may be equal to me) and stays most of the time in gym. She has her own instagram page which has thousands of followers. She flaunts her muscles and amazing body in her stories which obviously get thousands of likes. Everyone envys me for having such a partner who can arouse any male in the world with her sexy body, curves and muscles.

What about me? I am still same man who has developed a bit of beer belly but I am still 75 kgs. Obviously with immense strength she has accumulated over these years, I am no match to her. She knows this very well and never misses a chance to humiliate me. She challenges me for arm wrestling and when she sees me struggling, she taunts me to use both hands against her one. Still she wins. Sometimes, she uses me as her weight for doing squats and all I could do is admiring her doing reps while lying helplessly on her shoulders. She even forces me do her oil massage and flexes her muscles in between so that I can feel her magnificent body. Few months back we went to Goa, where she hired a bullet and asked me to sit pillion. Though I have no issues in sitting pillion to a woman, but when I expressed my desire to drive bullet for sometime, she taunted back saying that this is a heavy machine and not meant for weak people like me. She purchased a bullet right on the next day after coming bacl but has not allowed me to ride it till date. She lifts me whenever she likes, she puts me in some random hold anytime and taunts me when I fail to break the hold. Our sex life has too gone for a toss. Earlier we used to have daily sex, but in last one year I can count days when I had sex with her as it is only her who decides when we can have it and when not. With marriage crossing 7 years, I do want to have kids, but looking at her obsession for fitness, I can’t even express this desire to her. I see her interacting with her clients all the time and she doesn’t pay any heed to my requests of not touching mobile at least for sometime.

I am not sure if she is seeing someone else as first of all I don’t want to spy on her and secondly, even if I catch her, I won’t be able to do anything. I know her capabilities and confronting her may result in nice trashing which I don’t want.

I really don’t know how I can convey my feelings to her, that I am still the same man who loves her like hell and don’t see a life without her. Her weight was never my criteria for the unconditional love I have for her, but I am not sure if she will ever understand this.

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