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  1. The IndianPremiereLeague and PakistanSuperLeague are different on so many levels. They are the local tournaments of India and Pakistan respectively.


    IPL is about to enter it’s 10th year.
    PSL is in it’s 2nd season.

    Brand Value

    The brand value of IPL after the 2016 edition was a whopping USD 4.16 billion.
    Brand value of PSL is not that much.


    IPL has 8 teams.
    PSL has 5 teams.

    Foreign Players

    IPL allows a maximum of 4 foreign players in the 11.
    PSL allows maximum of 5 foreign players in the 11.

    Team Price

    IPL sold 8 teams were sold for USD 723.5 Million
    PCB had sold 5 teams for USD 93 Million.

    Auction Purse

    Teams from IPL are allowed to spend USD 10 Million for auction and team management.

    PSL allows USD 1 million for the same.

    Price Money


    WINNERS- USD 3 million
    Runners-up- USD 1.5 million
    3rd Placed Team in Playoff- USD 900,000
    4th Placed Team in Playoff- USD 900,000


    WINNERS – USD 600,000
    Runners-up – USD 200,000
    3rd Placed Team in Playoff – USD 100,000


    IPL earned USD 418 Million (2015)
    PSL is expected to make USD 50 Million

    The star value of IPL is much bigger than that of PSL in the sense that most of the big players from all around the globe play in the IPL.

    All the stats suggest that the IPL is bigger league than the PSL. But the PSL is only in it’s second season and will hope to get bigger and better with the years.

    Definite thing is that both IPL and PSL are great platform for the young and untapped players in their Countries. IPL has already proven this. There are many players in the current Indian squad who have had IPL origins. The biggest of them being Ravi Ashwin.

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