What is the difference between software and hardware?

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  1. Hardware:
    Physical parts of the computer are called hardware.
    You can touch, see and feel hardware.
    Hardware is constructed using physical materials or components.
    Computer is hardware, which operates under the control of a software.
    If hardware is damaged, it is replaced with new one.
    Hardware is not affected by computer viruses.
    Hardware cannot be transferred from one place to another electronically through network.
    User cannot make new duplicate copies of the hardware.
    A set of instructions given to the computer is called software.
    You cannot touch and feel software.
    Software is developed by writing instructions in programming language.
    The operations of computer are controlled through software.
    If software is damaged or corrupted, its backup copy can be reinstalled.
    Software is affected by computer viruses.
    Software can be transferred from one lace to another electronically through network.
    User can make many new duplicate copies of the software.

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