What is the dirtiest thing you ever did with a very close friend?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 11, 2020 05:03 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 11, 2020 05:03 AM

We hung out all the time, we double dated and were almost as close as brothers with one exception: I was incredibly attracted to him in a sexual way. I had never thought of myself as gay or even bi for that matter but something about Terry just got to me. He had a really good body and was on the school soccer team so he worked out regularly. One weekend we were together at my house and he was staying with me as his parents were out of town. We had just come back home from a double date and were drinking a few beers to make us feel better about not having any luck scoring with the girls. I pulled out a bong and we took a few hits. We were both starting to get really buzzed and I was really horny. We were both wearing running shorts and tee shirts. We started talking about our sexual exploits and girls that we’ve fooled around with and I started to get hard. I looked over and I could see his dick was hard and sticking out of his shorts. I jokingly said “looks like you have a problem there.” He kind of laughed and said yeah, you want to help me out with it? I said “sure, I’m game if you are”. I scooted over to him and started playing like I was going to pull his shorts down. We started wrestling and he pinned me down. He used his knees to hold down my arms so his crotch was right in my face. I was trying to get free, thrashing around when he leaned forward and his dick poked me in the face. He laughed and kept doing it and there was nothing I could do about it as I was pinned down. I leaned forward and blew my breath through his shorts directly on his dick which was totally hard at this point. He kind of moaned a little so I did it again. He leaned forward and I used my mouth and started to lightly chew on his cock through his shorts. He leaned back a little which allowed me to move my arms and I reached out and pulled his cock out and started licking it. I was so turned on and so was he. Then he pushed my mouth away and started to jerk off right in my face. He was dripping pre cum and he would rub it on my face. After about 2 minutes he held his cock still and came right in my face, all over my mouth, in my hair, everywhere. I had never seen so much cum in my life. We were both freaked out and I asked him if he would jerk me off but he said no, he wasn’t horny anymore as he’d just cum. I reached down and started to jerk myself off while he watched. I still had his cum all over my face and could taste it in my mouth. In about 30 seconds I had the biggest orgasm of my life. I got up and cleaned up and we had another beer and tried to process what had just happened. That was the dirtiest thing that I’d ever done with a friend.

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