What is the dirtiest thing you have done in college?

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  1. I am on my way to my 37th birthday this coming October and College days are way back some 20 years ago. But I couldn’t forget how I messed up my life with having 3 boyfriends at the same time. One seminarian, a policeman and a body guard. What’s the dirtiest thing here is that I have sex with them all. When I go out on a date with anyone of them we do have sex. There was this one day which I came to date all of the three in different hours and after each date we will go to a motel for sex. Having sex with three different men in one day with just hours difference really makes me a badass. Gosh!!! I couldn’t imagine why I’m a bitch in that moment of my life, when I’m the most good girl among all girls in our family and relatives. If my parents will be able to know that secret they will have disowned me a long time ago. As I get older and meet my child’s father and eventually we ended up having a daughter and later on got separated, I’ve already learned my lesson that infidelity even on the the stage of just boyfriend/ girlfriend you should be totally honest with one coz karma will really strikes you when you think you’re doing something worthwhile. I’ve been separated from my daughter’s dad but thanks God for the last 6 years I’ve stayed single no boyfriend and no casual sex. I just live a clean and peaceful life with my kid…one day I will find the right one for me as I’ve already cleansed my self from the wrong doings from the past. It should be a fresh start.

  2. So his name was Ramesh and he fell in love with harshini

    Harshini wasn’t aware of this, she was a beautiful girl with huge interest in studying and was a topper of our college

    He used to constantly stare her uninterrupted during college study hours

    One fine day he got to know that there’s another guy named vijay who is started to fall in love with harshini

    He was so angry with vijay he decided to take revenge on him

    So the next day he came earlier to the college and during the break he went to vijay’s Place and applied Fevicol at his place so that when he sits he should face the awkward situation

    As he was my friend I asked him not to but he didn’t listen to me he was so much mad at vijay

    But luckily Vijay’s best friend poured some water on it

    Later vijay came and sat at that place and noticed something sticky to his pant

    He felt so bad about it and everyone started laughing at him

    When he got to know that Ramesh has done that he stopped looking at that girl

    He never talked to Ramesh after that

    Probably this is the naughtiest thing someone has done during college life.

  3. It was a Friday and a bunch of us had gone out to lunch at this place where you throw peanut shells on the floor with beer and pool tables. We where in a class together at the little city college studying printing, design and journalism. It was a two year program. I was 19, living with a high school buddy who had his hometown girlfriend in the apartments next to us. Well, 6 of us went to this bar, restaurant and had lunch a few beers and played some pool. After a bit, I knew I wasn’t going to make it back to class, and, I didn’t have to work that night! So screw it! Have another pitcher! There was this older gal, about 30 in my class. She had this straight, long hair parted down the middle. I remember her big aviator glasses with a deep brown tint, and, I remember she had the largest boobs I ever wanted to see! She also had thesis biker, hells angel boyfriend that protected those boobs!

    This Friday though, she was warming up to me! My one instructor called me the joke cookie, because I was always trying to make people laugh. Hmmm, now I think about it, I still do! Well, Lori went to the bathroom, I had to go about a minute later. I walked out of my room, and here she was. She pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me! Wow! Ok! I’m going to be killed now I thought! She had large, soft but firm lips. They now had a fresh coating of lip gloss and well, I now do too!

    I thought, well, I’m 19, she’s hot, her boyfriend is going to drag me behind his bike tied on by a dog chain , all the way to Minneapolis ! But! I’ve got to see these boobs! A reached back around her ass and pulled her into my now very happy and out of room in my pants, mr. Winkey! She moaned a little and bit my lip! Somehow, she found this door open to the dry goods room of the restaurant side of this place. Pulled me in, and pulled up her shirt! She wasn’t wearing a bra! She asked me if I like what I see, and I opened my mouth but nothing came out! It was my first speechless moment of my life. We kissed some more, she pushed me down and stuck my head between her two breasts. Awwwwww. I was a happy camper! I kissed, fondled and sucked on them for awhile knowing this is what’s going to get me killed.

    I really thought this! Over and over! I think that’s what kept me from cumming in my pants! Now she pulled me up and said, you’ve seen me, now it’s my turn! Down she went on her knees, pushed me up against boxes of paper towels and crap, pulled at my belt, undid my button and worked down my zipper. Wow! I just remembered I wore tighty whities back then! Ha! She pulled my now very sensitive pointer out. A quick glance up to me with a smile, and started to kiss him. Taking the head I. And out slowly in her mouth, I did all I could do to keep from exploding! She looked up and sad,”wow, you’re close! Your balls are hard as a rock”! Then she pumped me until I sprayed her. I hit her neck and chin, stilll cumming she leaned back, and covered her breasts with my thick syrup! With her other hand she started rubbing it in while groaning and saying this is her favorite lotion.

    I never went soft! She pulled her pants down just enough so she could put me between her legs, not inside of her, but under her folds. Then she began kissing me and slowly rocking back and forth on me. I felt like I was going to get a rug burn, but figured what the hell! Five minutes later, I felt this warm liquid cover my penis, that was all it took for me to lose it again. Between that, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth and that warm spot I was in, I truly almost shuddered to the ground. Then! She kneeled down and sucked that guy dry! I can’t tell you how that feels! It’s like you’re going to pass out, fall over, faint, float in space and have ice cream all at the same time! I didn’t realize how much noise I was making till she put her hand over my mouth and said shhhhh!!!

    We laughed and hugged, kissed some more as we dressed, and peeked our the door. I could smell me all over her. That kinda bleach and sea air smell. We got out, closed the door and turned to find my roommate looking at us quizzically. Where and the hell have you been? He asked! Then I think he picked up the scents. He was a little pissed because he wanted to go back to class and I was the driver. Lori took my hand and said,” let’s get another beer!”

    Well, I’m still alive, quit that school 2 weeks later to move to Wisconsin. Lori got a job typesetting because she could type 109+ words a minute so she didn’t return after Christmas break. And Dickie, my roommate, went off to a 4 year college. Lori would grab me in the hall and in class, punch me and smile, but we b vet got to finish what probably would have killed me!

  4. Not perpetrated by me personally, but what I saw in one of the men’s toilet cubicles one afternoon while enrolled there really got my attention.

    Having relieved myself and preparing to exit one of the toilet stalls, I spotted some graffiti on one inner wall of that cubicle in a distinctive colour. A certain shade of yellow-brown and it sure looked like it had been applied with some kind of semi-absorbent material, possibly to shield a finger during application.

    If you are no stranger to irresponsibly used manual flush toilets and can recognize the general colour of shit on sight, you would probably have concluded the same while standing in my shoes – someone had used either his crap or ‘leftovers’ from the commode to write some graffiti on the wall of that toilet cubicle.

    I do think that qualifies as the dirtiest thing done in college and then some. And it would be interesting to analyze what_was that guy_really thinking when he pulled that shit off.

  5. used to run quite a bit and would normally run past the a smaller college in the city I grew up in. There were several dorm areas for student housing. I often saw windows open without the shades drawn and of course I looked in as I ran by. Once I thought I saw a girl changing and I almost ran into a light pole. I was still pretty young so it made an impact on me. After that I made it a point to run by that dorm again.

    Sure enough I caught site a girl changing again. This time I stopped and watched. She seemed to spend a lot more time changing her top with no bra underneath than you would expect, but I am not sure if she ever knew I was watching. I got so excited that continuing the run was not going to happen. I moved a little closer to be shielded by some bushes and took care of my problem right there. I then finished my run.

    I looked each time I ran by until I moved, but never had a repeat performance again. I still catch myself looking at peoples windows ever since then.

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