What is the dirtiest thing you have done with your neighbor?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 02, 2020 02:44 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:44 PM

We lived in an apartment years ago when we first got married. We weren’t getting along very well and we were both thinking about leaving the other.

He played music so loud it was like a concert. He’d get stoned out of his mind and it kept him from ever wanting sex.

This really cute guy lived next door. He was tall and muscular and sometimes I’d stare at his jeans, the way he wore them was hot. The longer my husband neglected me, the more I thought about how good the neighbor looked.

He’d come knock at the door and ask my husband very politely to turn the music down. It happened quite a bit.

When my husband’s company sent him to Atlanta for a week’s training, I decided to act.

I put on a sexy nightgown and robe that we bought at Fredricks. I watched and when the neighbor came home, he was looking especially good. I was really scared as hell but excited to the point of tingling. I needed to get laid.

He went into his apartment and I waited a few minutes and turned a Barry White CD to concert level.

The knock was almost immediate. When l open the door, his eyes went wide as he stared at me with lust written on his face.

He said, can you tell your husband to turn it down?

I said, he’s gone for the weekend.

He said, can you turn it down?

I said, No, but you can.

He stepped in and I pushed the door shut. He was standing there and I was blocking his path to the stero. He stood, his eyes were feasting on me hungrily which was really turning me on.

He started to step around me and I stepped in his way. I said, It looks like you have to go through me. He smiled wickedly, his arms went around me, he moved us to the stero and lowered the volume. Barry White was singing, Can’t get enough of your love Baby.

He leaned down and his mouth took posession of mine. My husband had never known how to really kiss, and this guy was the master. I melted.

He spun me around in his embrace and his hands were on my bare skin under the nightgown. He massaged my boobs until I was nearly crazy, which didn’t take long.

His hand slid down inside my panties and he knew exactly what he was doing. I was like a crazy animal.

He said, looks like somebody needs it real bad. His hand was inside my making me crazy and his other hand was opening his belt.

He was pushing me toward the bedroom and he pushed me on my back onto the bed. He stood and pulled his shirt off and he was beautiful. He had the stare of a hungry wolf about to devour his prey. He pulled his jeans off and when he pulled his boxers down I was staring at the most magnificent man’s body. His erection was big. It looked like a solid muscle and delightful to see and I wanted it.

He asked me if I was on the pill. I nodded and he said, Good. Then he took me.

He reached to me and ripped my panties down and off. The nightgown was around my neck and me moved on top of me. His mouth felt like he was sucking my boob off of my body. And he guided his beautiful erection into me and drove straight in.

It hurt wonderfully. He was pounding and moving me around, like a ragdoll so he could drive deeper. I felt disconnected from the world my body was singing and going places I’d never been. I’d never known it could be like that.

I don’t know how many orgasms I had but they were earth shattering. When he came in me it felt like hot lava.

Afterward, he dressed and put a robe on me and we went to his apartment. We did everything a man and a woman can do. Several times.

I married him a year later and he still comes home sometimes with that hungry wolf look and just grabs me. I know the next hour is going to be incredible.

Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:44 PM

I live I the country just outside the city and I have this really hot neighbor. She’s a couple of years older than me and she lives with a guy but they aren’t married.

He goes on frequent business trips and when he’s gone, she always seems a little bit flirty. When the leaves dropped last fall, I noticed that I can see their bathroom. It has a full sized window and when he’s home, the curtain is always closed.

He left on a business trip and I noticed that the curtain was open, so of course I kept an eye out.

Just as it got dark, she flipped the light on in the bathroom and started to strip. Then she stood in front of the mirror with the window at her back and started to exercise.

I enjoyed the show. The next night, she repeated the show. And she has an exquisite trim very feminine body.

The next day, she was working in the yard, so I headed over to talk.

As soon as I arrived, she asked, did you enjoy the show?

I told her that I did and that she has a great body.

She said why don’t you come over this evening for a close up view.

So I went eagerly. When I arrived, she was wearing jeans and a tight pullover top. She offered a beer and after a few minutes, she said, so you want to see my body close up?

I said that I did.

She said that she wasn’t going to show it to me, but if I was man enough, maybe I could get a look. I wasn’t sure what she meant and she said that if I was man enough to take her clothes off, there was nothing she could do. Her smile was mischievous and challenging.

So I moved toward her and she backed away. She circled the table keeping on the far side from me, but grinning that, come on, grin.

I faked one way and moved the other and caught her wrist. I pulled her and she bent forward, trying to back away. I caught the bottom of her blouse in the back and as she backed away, it came over her head. She wore a very sexy bra.

She ducked away laughing and said. I let you get that easy but you’re gonna have to work to see the rest.

I chased her and she was amazing at keeping just out of reach.

She lurched into the living room and l grabbed her and managed to push her against the back of the couch and press against her and bend her over ir.

I started trying to unhook her bra but she was squirming and blocking my hands and trying to twist away and laughing.

I finally got it off and she lunged over te couch and got away. Her tits were glorious as they bounced while she moved back and forth dodging me.

I finally caught her in the livingroom and wrestled with her as she laughed and said that I might just be man enough.

We wrestled hard for a while as I tried to sit on her and get her hands trapped in the bend of my legs.

I finally got her. I sat on her stomach and chest with her hands trapped in my legs and I was facing her legs. I started to unbutton her jeans and she rolled and struggled but I had her.

I opened the jeans and worked them and her panties down as she fought and kicked. I got them down to her knees and was looking at a fabulous bush and hips.

She was still fighting abs laughing so I quit trying to push them any further and ran a finger in the moist crease.

She groaned and quit fighting as much. She said, well you’ve got me nearly stripped and trapped, I guess you can do what you want to and I can’t stop you.

I fingered her and gradually circled in on the clit. She was moaning and grinding under my touch. I said I’d roll her over and spank her if she didn’t help me get her pants off. So she lifted her legs and bent her knees and they came off.

I fingered her until she was in a state of desire and she spread her legs so I could do anything I wanted.

Her mons were puffy with desire and the lips of her pussy were damp the incredibly soft pink flesh inside was exquisite. I wanted to taste her but from the position I was in, I couldn’t reach.

I took my shirt off and stood over her to shed my jeans when my erection popped into sight she seemed delighted.

She said, what are you going to do to your captive now?

I knelt back on her, facing her head, now. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them and slid up and put my cock between them and stroked.

As I moved on up, she asked, are you going to make me suck your dick?

I moved it to her lips and she opened and took it in. I lifted her head so she could take the length of my cock deep.

I pushed it in and our of her mouth for a few minutes but stopped because I wanted to come elsewhere.

I moved down to taste her and she responded by lifting her hips and mashing my face deep into her and bouncing her ass to meet my tongue and gasping.

When I moved up, she started to struggle again and said if I wanted her I had to take her. I pushed her legs apart with mine and slid in. She was like some wild thing as we did it.

When her live-in is gone, I go to visit and she always makes me catch her and strip her and then do whatever I want.

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