What is the dirtiest thing you have ever done at school?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 02, 2020 02:40 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:41 PM

Originally Answered: What’s the dirtiest thing you ever did while in school?

The dirtiest thing which I did was that I sucked a boy’s penis and later he fucked me .

We were friends so we knew each other well.

One day he asked me to go to the washroom and and we both get in the same bathroom compartment .

I knew what he was going to do . He asked me to suck his dick . I said to him ‘what are you saying?’ But in reality I was excited too .

After I sucked his dick , me asked me to fuck me .

I did as what he said. I was feeling like a slut but I was feeling horny too . He finished and came inside me .

He had a quiet small penis, but nonetheless he cummed real hard and my ass was filled with his cum . After he came ,he was gasping hard but I told him not to breathe quickly . I heard some students were mockingly laughing from outside .

I was really embarrassing. Cum was dripping from his dick and I sucked all of it until no drop of semen was left on his cock

I didn’t reach the orgasm but it felt good to have sex for the first time with a boy .

We waited for sometime . When no was present outside we just ran away from that place .

There was no need to worry as the school timing was over. The school was totally secluded by then.

We had a great laugh for what we did that day .

He later asked me “How you felt when I fucked you ?”

I casully replied “It was just ok , you better look after your penis size … haha”

I didn’t reach the orgasm that day but it felt good to do such a slutty thing. I did it many times more afterwards , so it became a casual job for me 😉

Thanks for reading 🙂

Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:41 PM

Originally Answered: What is the dirtiest thing you’ve done at school?

Decades ago I masturbated in my sixth period science class. I got horny watching this girl Sylvia who sat in front of me and was wearing a mesh type of flip flops. She started playing with her flip flops and her feet slid in and out of them and she rubbed her foot on top of her other foot and I got hard. We were watching a film so it was dark. Her feet were pinkish and a bit reddish from the rubbing she was doing. I then unbutton my pants and pull my small weenie out and masturbate as I imagined myself sucking her feet and toes. I was about to ejaculate and it sprayed the top underneath part of my desk and I put my cock away and the rest ejaculated into my briefs….. Later when I was in high school I took my clothes off and walked naked between a fence and bushes and under the bleachers. The thrill caused me to ejaculate quick and i hurriedly dressed before someone or security caught me.

Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:41 PM

Originally Answered: What is the dirtiest thing you’ve done at school?

The dirtiest thing I’ve done in school is probably to masturbate in class, with people sitting next to me. I tuck my boxers to the side of my balls and position my erect cock out through my fly zip, so it’s exposed in class, under the table.

I love the feeling of rubbing my foreskin up and down my cock under the table with people so close. It’s thrilling and terrifying knowing that at any moment your friend, or even worse your teacher could spot you with your cock out. I have a few ways of orgasming in class. I either shoot my load onto the underneath of my table or I tuck my dick back in my boxers just before I cum, so I cum in my boxers. Then I just change when I get back home.

I hope this answered your question well! I love being sexual and dirty, so message me here on quora for a fun time! X

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