What is the driest place in Pakistan, Jacobabad, Nok Kundi, Multan, or Sibbi?

What is the driest place in Pakistan, Jacobabad, Nok Kundi, Multan, or Sibbi?

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Asked on May 26, 2018 in Travel.
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I am writing this answer from Jacobabad; some 2 months back I was in Sibbi so between these two latter is the drier. Secondly, Sibbi is not far from one of the mountainous terrains of Balochistan which have been relatively dry & hot.

For Nok Knudi; You see I can’t even spell it correctly.

Answered on May 26, 2018.
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I think you want to know about humidity. Less humidity, the driest.

Here is a link to average year long humidity in Multan which remains within 38% to about 60% depending on the month. The highest humidity is in July and August and the lowest in May.

Source Average monthly humidity in Multan, Pakistan

A similar chart for Jacobabad is as follows:

As you can see that the above charts are almost similar, but Multan is a bit more wet than Jacobabad.

I could not find a similar chart for Sibi, but a chart from November 2016 to November 2017 can be seen here:


According to the above link the humidity never reaches above 32% which only happens in January. Otherwise in April 2017 it went down to as low as 7%.

For Nok Kundi, I found a similar one year chart and that showed that the highest humidity was 37% in 2017, and the lowest was 9% in June 2017. You can see that chart here:

Nok Kundi Monthly Climate Averages

Based on the above the driest of the four places that you mentioned is in fact Sibi, follwed by Nok Kundi, Jacobabad and then Multan.

There is another way to look at the weather in these places

According to Koppen Climate Classification, Pakistan is mostly an arid country. The following map of Pakistan is from the above classification.

The term warm Mediterranean is not to be confused with Southern Europe, because it refers to the northern coast of Algeria and Morocco. I think, according the above map Sibi is in that zone, while Jacobabad would come in Warm semi-arid climate. You can see that both Nok Kundi and Multan are well within the red zone above, which is Warm desert climate.

Answered on May 26, 2018.
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