What is the fastest cargo ship?


What is the fastest cargo ship?

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  1. Classically, the largest “class” of “fastest” working merchant ships were the SL-7 steam-powered containerships. Others may be individually faster, but this was an entire matched set – all very fast, very large cargo ships. (Over 33 knots when they wanted to spend all their money on fuel.)

    BUT! They were launched into three deadly problems. Steam-powered, so they needed larger crews, skilled crews also for the greater maintenance and repair when in port compared to simpler low-speed direct-drive diesels. The boilers, turbines, reduction gears were heavier, larger, and took more space and volume = less cargo room.

    Fuel prices sky-rocketed after construction, and so they could save fuel money by going slower,, but the price-per-voyage was higher because the larger more-expensive crew was onboard for longer times each trip!

    Cargo was not needed “as fast” as the company thought. Nobody really wanted to spend lots of extra money on the fast ship if the boxes could be predicted earlier, loaded earlier, and shipped slower at much lower prices.

    The US Navy bought them for fast logistics ships and roll-on/roll-off cargo and Army transports.

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