What is the French Foreign Legion basic training like and what language would it be in since knowledge of the French language isn’t a requirement to join the legion?

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  1. So my basic training was waaaaaaay back in 1988. I remember getting off the train at Castel bel Abbes (Castelnaudry) and being shouted into a Simca 4 tonner. My life was about to get very, very interesting.

    I was one of 35 guys assigned to 1ere Cie, 1ere Sec, 4eme RE. I had fuck all idea what was going on. I’d been in the RN (Royal Navy) for a couple of years so was used to harsh-ish discipline. But nothing, and by nothing I mean NOTHING, prepared me for the butt fucking brutality of the first week of basic training. Not only did I not speak French I just didn’t get the whole “Esprit du Legion.” That lasted about a week…………

    I ran, I marched, I repeated every sentence spoken to me in French, I ran some more, I stood still while getting slapped stupid by a corporal, I ran some more, I slept maybe two hours, I cleaned, I sung (boy did I sing!), I marched some more, I ran a fucking whole lot more, I learned to shoot, orienteer, abseil, speak French, obey orders without question. But. And it’s a fucking big BUT! I learned to love my brothers. I learned to love the Legion. I developed a deep and profound sense of “me.”

    Each man an has a different perspective on their basic training. Mine was brutal. Harsh, but brilliant experience.

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