What is the full form of D.C.?

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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 25, 2020 01:41 PM

The full form or acronym of DC is Deputy Commissioner.

DC is the highest or top civil officer in a district including of its all round administration to provide safe, secure, transparency, the link man to keep in touch with the public’s, to solve their every days problems thereby informing & persuading each & every moments to the government machinery for its impartial in the matters of distribution of facilities , services & life amenities , etc.

He is a partisan non-political executive & permanent executive.

He is supposed to be neutral so far as his service to the community is concerned for its overall growth & development.

Unlike the political executive which is temporary while his post as a DC is permanent untill his retirement.

He is the head of executive in a particular district where he was appointed so his power & responsible is very big as compare to another officer in a district.

He plays major role in matters especially in administration dealings with the day to day events , programs, problems, to tackle & solve the same freely, safely & peacefully.

In the administration of the district he is held responsible as the administrative power is bestow upon him.

Usually he is appointed through cracking the highly competitive examinations Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) or sometime from the promotion of State Public Service Commission.

His office is highly honour & dignity so as his role & power while at his office.

He is the head of the executives in the district level. He have the proper channel & link with the Governor of the state so as to dicuss, tackle & brings amicable solutions to all its problems that came every day running of administration.

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