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  1. Originally Answered: What is JCB?
    J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited, universally known as JCB, is a manufacturer of construction, agriculture, waste handling and demolition equipment. It is the world’s third-largest construction manufacturing company in the world.

    Every second construction machine in India belongs to JCB.

    They are painted in yellow so that they should be easily visible from long distance.

    JCB was founded in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford, after whom it is named.

    Here’s what else you should know

    The company JCB has eight plants in Staffordshire, two in Wrexham, one in Derbyshire, a factory in Savannah, Georgia, one in Brazil, three in India and one in China.
    The JCB Dieselmax is a car designed for the purpose of breaking the land speed record for a diesel-engined vehicle.

    In 2014 the powerful JCB digger has been crowned the fastest digger on earth after reaching speeds of more than 70 miles an hour, according to the World Record Academy.
    Anthony Bamford, son of Joseph Cyril Bamford is the only person on planet to own two Ferrari 250 GTOs
    He even expressed an interest in purchasing Jaguar Cars in August 2006, but backed out when he was told the sale would also involve Land Rover, which he did not wish to buy.

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