What is the history syllabus of govt Pakistani schools

Mudassir Ali
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What is the history syllabus of govt Pakistani schools

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 20, 2019 04:52 PM

Pakistani curriculum teaches history in Urdu, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, English, and even in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

The emphasis on the Islamic history which is taught in every other subject. There are chapters dedicated to the life of prophet Muhammed and his companions in English, Urdu, and Islamiat (Islamic Studies). In the science subjects, there are chapters about the contributions of Muslim scientists in the development of modern science.

The emphasis of curriculum is not to mention much about Pakistan’s cultural heritage. Instead it attempts to pretend that Pakistan’s cultural association is with the Arab world.

This curriculum totally ignores the fact that Pakistan has many non-muslim minorities living in the country. Hence students are not introduced to other cultures and there is no concept of cultural harmony, tolerance and other social factors. In fact, even the muslim history is taught from a Sunni point of view.

The curriculum is designed to teach about two nation theory and Pakistan’s ideological existence. It shows Muslim invaders of Indian subcontinent as heroes that brought Islam to India. It ignores Mughal Emperor Akbar because he had secular views and promoted harmonious living between Hindus and Muslims of India.

In the history of British colonization of Indian sub-continent, it is taught that Hindus betrayed Muslims during the uprising of 1857.

The Fall of Dacca and independence of Bangladesh is completely ignored until 10th grade and even then it is mentioned like a non-significant consequence of Indian aggression on Pakistani borders which Pakistani armed forces stopped heroically.

As an outsider you will be surprised as to how much history is taught at Pakistani schools and how beautifully it is distorted to promote an engineered ideology promoted by Zia-ul-Haq’s regime. Studying the distortion and the design of curriculum will also help one understand Pakistan’s interests in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s relation with other countries and cultures. It will also help you understand the ideological conflicts with in the country.

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