What is the Kashmir issue?

Mudassir Ali
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What is the Kashmir issue?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 19, 2019 03:10 PM

For understanding the backdrop of Kashmir issue, u can read unbiased articles or books.(plz do not rely on Arnab).

I will not delve into the history of the conflict as Quora has ample answers relating to that. Plus history is something that needs holistic understanding, which inturn needs years of reading.

I place the following points based on my peraonal experience, having lived in Kashmir long enough to share the causes of the problem.

There is unprecedented oppression- recorded and unrecorded.
All this happens under the garb of democracy, banners of integral part and unity of the nation. All this happens in the name of common Indian people.
Oppression includes trampling of basic rights, obliteration of dignity, Rapes, Murders, Fake Encounters, Extra Judicial Killings, Rampant Corruption and every other form of torture that exists.
While all this happens Common Indian people are kept in Oblivion. They are fed with fake stories of heroism and ignoble pride. In the name of patriotism, Kashmiri voices are muffled.
When kashmiris take a non violent course ( separatists and common Kashmiris), they are labelled traitors and locked up in jails.
When Kashmiris take to gun, they are Butchered and Indians take no time to declare why they could not take to peaceful ways of protest- as if they meet a different fate.
Kashmiris die, Indians rejoice. This apathy and lack of sensitivity to human life is pervasive and based on lack of knowledge and sometimes out of volition.
Go to any Facebook post on Kashmir, you will see this antipathy manifesting as verbal diarrhoea from both sides-action_reaction.
Every time the cause of Kashmir is brought up, self proclaimed stakeholders rise and demand answer for Pandit exodus. Are they indirectly or directly saying that it’s all Vendetta?
Edit 1: just see for urself how on a post for current killings in Kashmir, pandit issue is raked up. Isn’t this exhibition of clear-cut vengeful mindset.
A disconnect- emotional and rational has been created, which is so belligerent that rapes and Murders are justified. “Indians declare 70 people have died in Kashmir. Indian army- give us a century”.
With all this in front of u; how can u expect Kashmiris to desire to stay with India.
Whenever something that has relevance to resistance happens(now killing of Burhan), it catalysis the anguish and accentuates the desire to be free from oppression and hate of Indian people.
As an all party delegation reaches Kashmir, Indians are expecting Kashmiris to come to table and rejoice- not knowing that it has happened hundreds of times in the past. It’s just a way to hoodwink Kashmiris, Indians and the world that efforts are being put to resolve the issue.
The solution is simple- Place humanity before nationhood and religion. Rise above cheap tactics and hipocracy. Give people their basic right. Give them the right to self determination.

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