What is the latest news on the Corona virus in India?

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  1. No problem. All the cases have come from out of India. Three persons got cured in Kerala. There are about 28 cases (mostly from Italy), they will also get cured – if they follow traditional Indian practices. Indians are safe due to their traditional lifestyle, which respected nature. Novel Coronavirus is a revolt of nature against human beings. We have been cruel towards our nature. This is not sustainable. We may, believe it or not, nature has its own conscious and it works to restore balance.
    Traditional Jain lifestyle will solve all your problems regarding this disease. I follow the Jain lifestyle and this lifestyle has come to me from many generations (times immemorial). I give my examples to illustrate my life-style: –
    I get up early and drink 4 glass of warm water in the morning one hour after sunrise
    I am vegetarian
    I avoid taking food after sunset
    I adopt Preksha Dhyaan (Meditation), Yog, Samayiki in my day to day life
    Jain saints have been following this lifestyle for thousands of years. Jain saints have been drinking boiled water and they keep masks (muhbatti) when they open their mouth (this is the practice that they have been following for thousands of years).
    Jain philosophy is now limited to a few persons and its followers are reducing every day. Despite scientific practices, these practices are becoming extinct. It is becoming difficult to revive these practices. Due to Covid-19, people all over the world have become attracted to Jain Philosophy again. Jain families find it difficult to train the young generation in Jain lifestyle due to contractions by the modern education system. The schools teach students that eggs should be eaten and mean has good protein intake, while the parents ask the children not to take eggs and meat or meat-based products. Schools tell something and parents tell the opposite, ultimately the children follow their friends’ circle and follow the crowd mentality. Fortunately, we still have many Jain Saints, who are practicing Jain philosophy in their lives. They are a source of hope for the next generations.

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