What is the life of a programmer?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 10, 2020 05:13 AM


This questions deserves a bow first of all.

Life of a programmer is just like the code he develops.

We try to find logic in almost everything and anything.

We try to focus more on what can come to us than what is on desk.

We face problems with better approach than any individual.

We like to take risks but we never say that it was calculated.

We have no fix sleeping hours.

To be frank i have not slept more than 8 hours since this monday and its thursday morning and still i feel freshed because i am coding since 11:00 pm i.e 10 hours. Dont know about others but i love to live this life where i get sleep when i feel to sleep and i wont when i decide to work.

We have generally low social profile but i don’t have this thing i am high social active..

We try to intercept everthing with the intention of breaking down how and why it happened than oh it happened!

We dont show our emotions to many we have limited people whom we share ofcourse when out from the window.

we don’t like to get disturbed even for a second while working even if its Tsunami.

We daily encounter some irritating idiots who ask us

you are a developer right! hack an insta account for me
oh you are a developer…so you can download Netflix without account.
oh nice do you have windows 7?
oh nice how to share an fb video on whatsapp
And the list is long.

The life we live is really tough sleeping hours are not fixed but waking up at time can’t be compromised.

We check mails more than our health report.

We drink coffee more than water.

In a developer’s way

1 : Morning wake up by 7am

2 : check mails and create task for day and mail to your team.

3 : get ready and go to work by 9 (i am the boss)

4 : goto any of clients by 11am

5 : team meeting before lunch (team’s lunch)

6 : Make MOM of meeting and mail to client and forget about lunch as we have to finish it before anything else comes up.

7 : lunch by 4pm approx

8 : team short meeting for planning at 4:30pm

9 : work work work work till 7pm

10 : a lot pending work but a small life in front so bye bye team at 7pm.

11 : 7pm -9pm testing entire task report and work.

12 : 9pm dinner

13 : 10pm back to office.

14 : 10pm to 2 am trance and work and no one else.

15 : 2am nap till 4am

16 : 4am to 7am work or sometimes 6am

17 : time is not visible most of time reaching home at 10am.

18 : get ready as you are already late.

19 : goto 3

This is how we live but never crash!

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