What is the most beautiful city in Pakistan?


What is the most beautiful city in Pakistan?

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  1. Everyone is talking about Islamabad here because it “looks” beautiful. For me, it’s like saying that I got 90+% in my final-year exams because I passed in maths. It doesn’t work that way, right? There are other criteria too.

    For me, the beauty of a city is defined by its cultural vibes, its history, the beauty of its people and after that “how that city looks like”. Islamabad lacks everything except the last one.

    I seem to like Sukkur a lot, the third-largest city of Sindh. It is a combination of beauty, history, and culture.

    But because people always get fascinated by physical beauty, either it is of a person or of a place, I will present its physical beauty here.


    2. The magnificent Sukkur barrage

    3. Bridges

    4. The historical remains of the Mosque of Mohammad Bin Qasim

    5. Other places

    6. Skyline

    8. A Twitter user posted this view of Sukkur

    Image sources: Twitter, Google, Screenshots of vlogs.

    Sukkur is a hidden gem of Pakistan. Sindh Government has to take care of it because it has a huge potential and it can become the most beautiful city “in the world” one day if they take care of it properly.

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