What is the most disgusting thing anyone has ever said to you?

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  1. “You stupid American whore.”

    This was screamed at me in a street in Barcelona after trying to walk home from the market.

    I was walking by myself holding a few bags with headphones in but no music playing.

    A man and his son were walking in my direction. Through my headphones, I could hear him say something really inappropriate to me/about me in Spanish. Normally, I ignore these things when they happen. Hence, the headphones. They help.

    But this time, I couldn’t take it.

    Maybe it was my mood that day or the way he said it.

    “I cannot believe you would act like this in front of your son,” I said in English knowing he wasn’t from Spain and half hoping he didn’t speak English.

    I was wrong. He went from interested in my body to enraged and hateful towards everything I am in about 0.2 seconds.

    “That’s not for you to worry about, you stupid American whore.” Followed by a chain of horrible suggestions of things I should do.

    I was completely dumbfounded. I screamed back that he wasn’t a man. People stared, likely because they couldn’t understand English or why I was so upset.

    I dropped a few things, turned the corner, and burst into tears. I cried more when I got home.

    For some reason, it broke me down to see that much hate and control towards a stranger in a person.

    And in front of his son.

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