What is the most disturbing thing that you walked in on and can’t “unsee”?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 19, 2020 05:07 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 05:07 AM

Disclaimer: this may be a little disturbing to other readers. Proceed with caution.

I wouldn’t say walked on in, but rather an incident straight off my eye.

Waiting for the subway train to go home, I was minding my own business and stood at the train platform. This young guy in a blue, hooded sweatshirt came by the stairs across and stood a few feet away from me on my right.

The rumbling noise of a train about to arrive caught my senses and I started to look right to check the train coming. Just as the train was about to come across the position I was standing from, this guy in the blue sweatshirt jumped straight across the track in front of the oncoming train.

He was hit right in front of the train’s windshield and was dragged down under the tracks where I saw his body being sucked and ran over by the train.

The train driver immediately applied the emergency brakes and the train was able to immediately stop but still advanced a few meters forward.

I was shaken initially, but regained my senses and looked around to ensure that there was no other person running around that may have inadvertently pushed the guy. Seeing no one, I asked the other people on my left side waiting for the train and confirmed with them whether what I saw is the same thing that they did – that is, the man jumped by himself in front of the train, to which the two people I asked nodded in agreement.

Knowing that the incident was self-inflicted, I ran over to the front of the train to check for the guy. There I saw the look on the train driver’s face who was visibly in shock about what had happened. I thought of getting down the platform onto the tracks but I feared that the train might suddenly move. Instead I laid on my side by the platform in front of the train and tried to see whether the person could be extricated out. It was just dark and it seemed that the guy was deeper under the train.

I stood up and immediately called emergency services and told them about the incident. I also provided them my information in case they would need to get in touch.

Soon, train officers start running down the stairs, completely unaware of what just transpired (the train’s central and monitoring office was right above the subway where the incident happened). I told them outright that there is a person that is under the train at that moment. They were puzzled and immediately started performing their emergency process. People on the platform were asked to leave as train operations were being stopped because of the incident.

Walking by the stairs and I can’t get the incident out of my head. Everything was so vivid that I could still recall up to this day, the hue of the sweatshirt that the guy was wearing.

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