What is the most disturbing thing you have allowed someone to do to you?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 05:00 AM

When I read a response to this, it made me want to tell what happened to me. I can’t use my name because friends read quora.

I was 31 when I got divorced. I didn’t have any money and it was crazy hard trying to get by. I knew it was a mistake but I borrowed some money. I didn’t have to pay back the money until I could but I had to pay the interest every two weeks.

A man would come to my apartment to collect and everything went fine for months. One day he came and I didn’t have the money. I told him to come back in two days and I’d have it.

He didn’t come back but in like ten days, another man knocked and said that he’d replaced the other guy and he was here to collect. When I undid the chain on the door, two big guys came in.

They said that since I missed the payment, all of the money was due and demanded payment.

I said I didn’t have it and they smirked and I knew I was in trouble. We were standing in the livingroom and they had me blocked in.

One of them said maybe there was another way for me to pay. My heart sank because I knew what they wanted.

The man said that they hated to hurt someone who owes money but that’s what their boss wants them to do to get the money they owe. He was looking me up and down and said maybe there was another way. He said that if I screamed, he’d hurt me.

Then he said he would count to 10 and when he said 10, I’d better be naked or he would hurt me bad.

He started counting and I was trying to reason with him but the other one said I’d better do it because he would really hurt me if I didn’t.

I was scrambling trying to get my clothes off, stripping for the two animals while they smiled. Just on the count of 10 I finished.

They were laughing and said I wouldn’t have any problem making the payments.

One of them got my purse and took out my cellphone. The other one pushed me down and told me to take his penis out and thank him for not hurting me.

He shoved it in my mouth and held my head while he fucked my mouth. The other one said he was copying all of my contacts and if I didn’t cooperate or if I called the cops, they would send pics to my friends.

The man making me suck him was talking pics with his phone and making me look up so he got pics of my face while I did it.

When he finished, the other one made me do it again on him. Then they made me pose in awful positions while they took pictures.

They were zipping up like they would leave when one of their phones rang. He was laughing as he talked. He said I was in luck. He’d texted my picture to his boss and the boss wanted to meet me to help me get the loan paid.

They took me to my bedroom and pushed me to the bathroom and said I should shower. They watched while I did. They got towels and dried me and their hands were rubbing everywhere.

They rummaged through my underwear drawer looking for sexy stuff. I almost felt as violated by them pawing through my stuff as anything. They made me wear a red bra and panties and they pawed through my closet for a blouse and skirt.

They said the boss would like me fine in that and if I took care of him, he’d make the loan go away.

They drove me to some big house that was far from neighbors.

The boss was big and muscular. The two men left me with him and disappeared. The boss asked me how I liked stripping while the man counted to 10. I said I hated it. He said good because he liked to go slow.

He sat in an easy chair and made me stand in front of him. He told me to take off my blouse really slow.

While I did, he put his hands on my legs and started rubbing them up under my skirt. Soon he was touching my ass and everything.

I took the blouse off like he told me to while his hands molested me under my skirt and I just had to let him do it

He slowly took my clothes off made me kneel in front of him and suck him. Then he made me have sex with him.

After that, I had to go to his house every week and do what he called entertain him. I tried to ask him how long before I’d paid the loan and he’d say he’d let me know.

Finally, I saw in the paper that he’d been murdered in a criminal dispute. I moved away instantly and changed my cell number. I was terrified that his criminal buddies would find me but they never did.

This was the worst time of my life and if you ever find yourself in a broke situation like I was, don’t ever borrow money, no matter what.

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