What is the most disturbing thing you have experienced in your life?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 05:01 AM

Long time ago, when I was about 11 years old, we had a teacher that used to spend a lot of time outside the classroom talking to other teachers or doing some other stuff. During those long absences, us kids used to play inside the classroom like maniacs. We fought paper ball wars, wrestling matches and so on.

So, most of the time it was harmless stuff, but some times thing went a little crazy, and there was this little short guy who was a really nice kid that some times was the victim of a lot of the bigger kids pranks. As said, most of the time was minor stuff and he had a good scene of humor and he played along with the jokes and we had a good time.

I knew this kid very well, and considered him a friend because his house was along the same route than mine was, so we walked together on the way back home almost every day.

So, this particular day, some of us had the idea of grabbing him by the arms and legs and started throwing him up in the air, like they do in some weddings (see image from Google below):

So my friend was cool with the idea (like he had a choice any way), and he was laughing and having a good time, we throw him up a few times, and nothing happened, but then we try again and this time someone did not grabbed him right and he fell to the ground head first.

30 years later and I can still remember the sound of his head hitting the concrete floor. Because during the fall some one did grab his feet, the impact to the back of his head was direct and really hard. His eyes went blank immediately and went in to some kind of seizure.

So there was probably like 10 or 12 of us kids, who where directly involved in this, who just stood there frozen without knowing what to do. One of the girls in the class ran out yelling: I’m telling the teacher!!! while the rest of us reacted and started to try to revive him by talking to him and give him some little smacks on the face. By the time the teacher went back to the classroom, he was no longer having a seizure and was just unconscious.

The teacher was just as much in panic as we were, the girls in the class briefly explained what happened and he just send a girl to the principal’s office to get some alcohol which he used to rub my friend’s head until he came back. But my friend was not alright, he was crying and complained of a headache.

So, in a complete show of stupidity and bad judgement, the teacher asked me if I knew where this kid lived and when I told him that yes, he sent us both home, walking. Our home was like 2km away.

So after picking up his sister and my sister at the same school (they were together at 3rd grade), we started our way home. Like at half way to his home, my friend started to complain again of headaches again badly, then he started to vomit blood and then he went in to unconsciousness again. There was little an eleven year old kid like me could do (for some reason I did not think of asking for help of one on the street), the only thing I did was to give his back pack to his sister and my back pack to my sister and carried him in my arms unconscious like he was. I walked for another 500 meters or so like this until I couldn’t walk no more (he was probably 3/4 of my own weight). At this point I just found a shaded area near a big wall and laid him on the floor and asked his sister and my sister to continue walking home to let know his mother that we were there and the we needed help.

I stayed there with him, comforting him, but he kept going in and out of consciousness. Those 10 minutes until his mother came were the longest 10 minutes of my life. I really believed he was going to die there in my arms.

So, to end the story, his mom came and took him to the hospital where my friend spent two weeks there, and an additional month in recovery at his home. He did not had a fracture skull I guess but his brains were badly beaten. His mother told my mother later that during the time he spent at the hospital he kept asking about where was I. This added to the guilt I felt because as a friend I should have protected him and instead I was part of the gang who put him there (later we were all suspended for 2 weeks). I had nightmares for weeks where I saw my friend fall again and I could hear his head hit the floor and then see him vomiting blood.

This experience changed my life because from being a normal happy kid, this turned me in to a more introverted kid who was afraid of playing with other kids because of fear that something like this happened again.

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