What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen done to a child?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 05:06 AM

Having worked in childcare, the same person comes to my mind every time. I ran my business from home and had good relationships with parents and the children. I was approached by a woman who requested I look after her three children while she was at work.

I was warned by other people in the area to stay “Well away.” from this parent. “She is trouble.” was the common thread. People had their own experiences to tell me about, which always seemed a bit far fetched. My rule was to never listen to gossip and only use my own experiences.

As a vacancy has become available, I became the childminder for the three children.

The children were very different from each other. The eldest boy was very artistic and looked like Mum. The middle boy was very boisterous and looked like Dad. The youngest girl was very spoiled and demanding.

The children were well mannered and lovely to be around. Mum always thought the girl was special. Mum told me stories of the 2-year-old girl being able to read and count that was way above the age she was. I never experienced those skills in my setting from the child.

But it was the middle child that mums behaviour towards was disturbing. Mum told me stories of how “Horrible.” he was. That he “attacked.” her. The boy was 6 years old.

Mum insisted on showing me a video she took of his bad behaviour. I had never seen any evidence of this behaviour myself. Mum said, “he punched his arm through the glass door and now he has cut all over his arm. He would not stop shouting and throwing things at me.” I watched the video, and I asked: “Is this the correct video?” There was none of what mum described.

What I saw was a boy sitting in his room on his bed looking scared. Mum screaming at him “What ya gonna do, go on hit me?” He did nothing, and she went on and on at him. “You’re just like your dad.” she goaded.

I spoke to mum privately about what I saw to what she said she had evidence of on the video. There were no cuts on the boy’s arm.

About a week later mum came to pick up the children, and in front of the middle boy she came out with this. “Oh, I have cancer so I could be dead by Christmas. No presents for you and no mum either.” I can tell you I was not happy at all. I told her so too. Having had cancer, I decided to call her out on it. I asked “What stage, grade and type?” “Who is your Oncologist?” She had no answers and was then in a hurry to leave. She never mentioned cancer again. Mum did not have cancer.

She would spend lots of money on the children’s Christmas and birthday presents. But with the middle boy after a week she would take his gifts away. Apparently because of his “Disgusting behaviour.”

I’d discreetly ask the older boy about his Brothers behaviour, and his reply was always similar, “I didn’t see what he did. He was crying though, and mum was shouting at him.”

In all honesty, I did not want anything to do with mum. There was always drama. But I wanted to keep the children with me so they could have stress free time.

A few months later mum delivered the children and told me the middle child would not be allowed to play any sport or do any activities because of a “Brain problem.” This boy was always active, and he never sat still. This new order from mum was some sort of punishment towards the boy.

I questioned the claims on the “Brain problem.” Asking what the hospital had said and what is going to happen? She refused to discuss it any further. I called the boys Dad. (Mum and Dad were separated.) Dad informed me there was nothing wrong with his Son. I decided to have a meeting with mum. Get things cleared up as to why she treats the middle so differently.

Her answered stunned me. She claimed the older boy was going to make lots of money and look after her. The Daughter “is my favourite, she is special. She will be something amazing.” As for the middle boy, “I can’t stand him. I hate him. I wish he had never been born. He looks like his dad.”

Tears came down my face when I walked away from that woman. The authorities knew about the situation but always claimed the child was better off with mum.

I wanted to take the boy away from his mum. Or for the boy to go and live with his dad. She then left the area.

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