What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen while camping?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 19, 2020 04:59 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 04:59 AM

I was chaperoning a group of boy scouts (ex father in law was the troupe leader) on a night hike in some woodland locally. I remained at the base in the car park helping prepare tea, cocoa and snacks. A few of the kids were always around as they went out in intervals with one leader or another so it was important that an adult was there to supervise them, I was around 18, 19 at the time.

A car pulled in to the carpark, which had been cordoned off and reserved for our use so the kids would stay safe. No one got out, so another leader went over to tell them that the park was off limits or see if it was a parent showing up hours early for some reason. They came back almost immediately and told me to call the police (I was the only one with a phone) as the man in the car wouldn’t speak, but was wearing a mask – it was actually the mask from the Scream films – had a shotgun and had piles of rope and tarpaulin in the car.

I remember being so scared that I couldn’t even remember the name of the park when I was speaking to the police, I was shaking and couldn’t get the words out quickly enough. All I could think was that we couldn’t see the car so had no idea if the man was still in it or out in the woods where we had 30 kids out in the dark with no way of contacting them.

Thankfully the police showed up in minutes, quickly found the man and arrested him. He said that he was out there hunting rabbits – why he would do so with a shotgun, or need a mask and rope I don’t know. We got all the kids back safely and didn’t tell them what had happened, but the sight of 7 or 8 police cars and a police dog unit was pretty difficult to ignore.

Definitely one of the scariest experiences I’ve had!

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 04:59 AM

Encountered a stoner walking along the Appalachian Trial. He was with a woman he had met the day before. Claimed he was an environmentalist on assignment for National Geographic. They pitched a tent close to ours in a designated camping area.

The “environmentalist” like to swing a hatchet and bury it into random trees. When I called him on that he said it was healthy to help thin out the forest and make way for new growth.

He and his new hiking buddy made a blazing fire for a tin of ham, threw the empty tin in the woods, smoked up a storm, and then hit the pup tent. Within a few minutes you could hear his orgasmic moaning.

Tough to sleep knowing there was a stoned, unstable, hatchet wielding pathological liar about 80 feet away. It ruined what should have been an idyllic holiday.

I think of this charlatan every time I see the National Geographic, even though I know for certain that he had no acquaintance with the magazine, except perhaps ogling native women to stoke adolescent fantasies.

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 04:59 AM

We like to kayak, relatively mild stretches of river and camp overnight on islands in the middle of the river. There are two relatively disturbing instances which occurred on these trips.

The first one in my opinion was more disturbing. There were three of us, We had settled in and we’re close to going to “bed”. We hear something walking in the woods, heavy enough to be breaking sticks. Keep in mind this is a very small uninhabited island in the middle of the river, it’s literally mostly under water when the water is high in the spring. It is also heavily vegetated and hard to get around, except for a pretty good size clearing where we were camping. It’s not unusual to have Large animals around (deer,etc) so we were just monitoring and keeping an eye out in that direction. We start seeing a light… very odd, deer don’t carry flashlights, and we’re in the middle of the river, surrounded by rocky somewhat swift water at probably 11pm. Someone is walking up to our camp and not on one of the paths. So we waited and watched, finally a man walked out into the clearing, wearing jeans and A jacket of some sort (it’s summer but probably 60 degrees at night. He asks us if we’ve seen anyone else… ummmm no, that’s kinda why we like camping there, you don’t really ever see anybody else. He claims he’s out on his canoe (at 11pm in the dark) with his grandson, but there’s nobody with him… then he left, at least we think he left, and never saw or heard from him again.

SECOND incident, this time it’s only me and my wife, and it’s one time I wish my friend was with us as a witness if nothing else. We’re sitting by the campfire, probably 9 or 10 pm, had been dark for a while. We start hearing sort of a strange chirping noise, but not a bird. First once then another, gradually we realize that whatever is making the noise there are lots of them, they are all around us, and they are communicating. We get out flashlights and start looking around as it’s clear they are getting closer. We start seeing small yellow eyes shining back in the light, and they aren’t running…. so we start making noise moving around, making the fire bigger, still hanging around and getting closer. These creatures were not afraid of us. Which by default makes you at least a little afraid of them especially if you know there are lots of them and have no idea what they are. Eventually they start taking turns charging at us getting within a few feet of us, they looked a little like ferrets, this went on for a while, seemed like forever But probably 30 min, we were swinging at them with sticks, one would go away and another would come from a different direction, we weren’t sure what they were, found out later they were minks. They clearly didn’t want us on their turf, but eventually conceded and things got quiet. Reading about their habits they are known to be quite fearless and take down animals much larger than themselves. The really odd part though is that they are supposedly small group hunters or loaners, there had to be 20 or 30 of them and they were clearly working together and from everything I’ve read is totally uncharacteristic.

Hope you enjoy, thanks.

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