What is the most embarrassing experience you’ve had involving your private parts?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 23, 2020 02:42 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 23, 2020 02:42 PM

This was during one of my first appointment with a female doctor. It was a very cold winter day and for went for a rescheduled appointment. I was well dressed for the cold weather wearing one of my favorite my winter outfits warm and snug corduroy bib overalls, long sleeve flannel shirt over a long sleeve back zipper leotard, opaque tights and lycra undies. Lucky for me earlier, I had picked up a set of fresh clothes and underwear at the laundry, when the nurse said the doctor is giving me a full physical examination and I will have to completely undress. The nurse excused herself for a few minutes and returned with a folded white gown, asking if I needed help getting ready for my physical exam while I’m still in my warm snug winter outfit and began blushing when told by the nurse that all clothes have come off including whatever underwear I had on under my winter attire. All I had to do was to take off my cold weather shoes and socks, as the lovely nurse began unbuttoning ad unzipping my warm snug overalls, when the lady doctor entered the examination room and introduced herself and I kept blushing while the nurse was undressing me, It was a quiet day for the lady doctor and she didn’t have any patients til later that afternoon, when she went over my medical records, then began helping the lovely nurse getting me out of my warm winter outfit. It was rather an erotic situation with two pretty female medical professionals stripping me naked.The embarrassing part was once the leotard was unzipped and off with the opaque tights down to my knees and still in only the lycra undies with an unavoidable hard on well encased in them. The nurse gently peeled off my tights while saying “hold still so we can finish getting you ready”. The female doctor stood in front of my almost naked torso just in lycra undies keeping my full erection secure, when the doctor would gently lower the undies while feeling and touching my erect penis. I was somewhat embarrassed, as she was handling my excited male privates, then then stripped off the clinging sexy undies. I was totally naked now, when the nurse helped me put on the gown while being examined by the doctor and looking like tent city under the gown. I was complimented by both the doctor and nurse how healthy I was. later I put on the freshly laundered loose fitting boxers and trousers after my Physical was completed, yet still embarrassed by her stripping off my tight fitting undies, then touching and feeling my erect penis and male genitals. It was the most embarrassing happening for me at the time.

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