What is the most gruesome thing you’ve seen while serving your time in the military

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  1. The ship (USS Stoddert) was tied up to the pier in Yokosuka (1978/79), we were hanging out on the o1 level leaning against the life lines. The smell coming up from the water between the hull and pier was stronger than usual. One of the guys saw a shape and alerted the quarterdeck, boats were launched and divers entered the water. It a body floating face down. His face and exposed parts of his body that was in the water was mostly gone, ate by sea creatures. A stoke’s basket (a type of stretcher) was lowered down to lift the body in one piece. It was falling apart inside its clothes. Turned out it was a sailor that they thought had gone AWOL in Japan, but instead had fell off the pier and drowned.
    Damage Control activities on a ship who’s berthing compartment was hit by Exocet missiles didn’t involve seeing anything, but, one thing I learned, a burning bodies don’t smell like a BBQ. You know what is burning, which makes the smell worse.

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