What is the most inappropriate thing that happened to you in prison?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:58 PM

Well, I’ll divide this into two sections:

By other inmates.
By the Department Of Corrections


When it comes to other inmates, I wouldn’t be able to list just one particular incident. But in general, it was sexual harassment. Inmates are not usually the most socially and ethically aware people. There’s a very pervasive over-emphasis on masculinity in prison. Anybody who doesn’t meet or attempt to meet the perceived image of a “real man” is suspected of being gay; And the general assumption is that anybody who is gay wants to have sex with men without discretion or reservation.

It was a regular occurrence for other inmates to expose their genitals to me and grab my genitals or my butt. There were also incidents of inmates sneaking into my cell and closing the door behind them expecting that I would have sex with them.

Interestingly, it was often the same inmates who were engaging in this behavior who would spread rumors about me or accuse me of some sort of misconduct to the staff to avoid any suspicion on their part.


I was sentenced under a law with a provision called a “Risk Reduction Sentence (RRS)”. With an RRS, if an inmate reaches 75% of his sentence and has maintained good conduct (meaning he doesn’t obtain any major conduct reports [fighting, sexual misconduct, stealing etc.]), completes all of his required programs, makes it to a minimum security prison, secures outside employment and residence – he was to automatically be released.

Well, I did everything I was supposed to do: completed my program, took extra curricular programs and re-entry modules. I never got a single major conduct report (which is rare) and I made it to minimum security prison. While there, I worked on a dairy farm and began saving money for my release. Less than 6 months after being at minimum, I was called for PRC (a board that evaluates and determines your classification, program needs and placement). I went there with ALL of my paperwork completed – knowing I was to be sent home. But they instead shocked me by telling me that even though the computer said I had the lowest possible risk rating, I required a new program need and because of it, could not be released from prison.

What I found out, was that the social workers were instructed to complete a section of the computer program they use (Called COMPASS Test) without the inmates knowledge and to basically put the same answers for every person. The problem is that this section of the test was an assessment that was intended to be completed by asking the inmate questions. These categories included things like whether or not the inmate was remorseful for their offense and several other related questions. I never in the course of my time in prison was asked by a social worker any questions related to that section. We never discussed my attitude toward my offense at all. That’s because the social workers were instructed not to. Instead, they rubber stamped every inmates test the same way and superficially classified them as having a program need for a Cognitive Behavior Program that the state was receiving money for.

I was forced to leave the job I was working and move to a higher security institution (several hours away) for 7 months to complete a program I never needed. I fought this in an appeal. Interestingly, I won – for the most part. The problem was, that by the time I won, I’d already completed the program. I went back to PRC and they approved my RRS release, but it had to be sent to the higher ups for final evaluation. At the next level, I sat for 2 months and waited until my mom finally called the Bureau of Movement and Classification and the guy claimed that he mistakenly never saw my file. Magically, I was moved the next day back to the original minimum security prison I was at. Since this guy sat on my file, he had to now send it to a final panel of DOC directors. This is now about 2 months before my Mandatory Release date (full 5 year sentence).

Even though I’d qualified according to the law to be released early, and everybody below them recommended I be released, these guys manipulated the law and denied my early release. They claimed that even though I’d completed all of the requirements, the totality of minor conduct reports I’d obtained over the past 5 years justified denial. This was illegal and no provision is made for this in the state law that I could find. Beyond that, just to give you an understanding, my only minor conduct reports were tickets for things like forgetting to sign in. Meaning that when I returned to my housing unit after going to the gym or library, I forgot to sign the clipboard before the officers closed the day room. It’s similar to a parking ticket.

Needless to say, I did my complete 5 year sentence. In those months I was waiting for them to approve my release, my grandfather died.

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