What is the most insane thing that ever happened while you were pretending to be asleep?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 07, 2020 03:19 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 07, 2020 03:19 PM

I was maybe 12yrs old and was in my grandmother’s room one night as a punishment. All I had to do was sit in the chair in their room until my grandfather came home. I don’t remember why I was punished or how long I was in the chair. My grandmother was in bed waiting for my grandfather. Finally, my grandfather came home. I pretended to be sleeping so I wouldn’t be asked why I was there or get an additional punishment from him. The room was dark so he did not know who or what was in the chair. He got into bed and a few minutes later I heard him saying, come on mama give me some. I heard her say, no, go to sleep. He tried again, she again said no get some sleep it’s late. He tried again, but this time he said, let me just play with it a little, again she said no, you don’t know how to JUST play with it. After a while, apparently, he must have started “playing with it” because I heard her saying, no not there, move down some. Of all the time in the world, I needed to pee but did not want to move for fear of getting killed by both of them. I waited what seems like hours for them to stop “playing with it” and crawl to the floor and out of the room when I heard them sleeping soundly. Whatever they were doing, I knew I should not have been there; even at 12, I knew that was not a good place for me to be at that moment.

Years and years later after I got married and my grandparents came to spend some time with us, I told her the story and she was laughing so hard, she had tears in her eyes. That night after they got in bed and I went to kiss them goodnight I said playfully looking at my grandmother, no touching and no playing tonight! We all busted out laughing!

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