What is the most shocking thing you’ve witnessed a fellow human do?

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  1. I was in the Philippines several years ago attending an outdoor party at a village on the island of Panay. A local man offered his young son to me to have sex with. Of course I declined. This occurred near the resort town of Boracay. The party was a post-exercise gathering of Filipino and U.S. Marines and Sailors.
    I suspected someone was snooping through my belongings when I was at work so I set up a hidden camera and over successive days moved it to different rooms in my house. On video I watched my mother going through all my drawers, trash, mail etc.. She did this every day. I felt intensely violated and betrayed especially since she would leave my mail by the front door as if to indicate that is all the farther she had been in my house. What was especially shocking was at the time I was 41 and my mother was 68.
    When I was very young I watched my father tickle my sister until she peed all over herself despite her incessant pleas for him to stop. She was left a sobbing, humiliated mess. As a teenager my sister would endure some brutal beatings from our father and I would hear it as our bedrooms shared a wall. To this day the sound of flesh hitting flesh makes me nauseous.

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