What is the most unusual spanking experience you have had?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 03, 2020 12:30 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 03, 2020 12:30 PM

I think most unusual spanking I got was from s doctor during summer camp medical exam when I was 15. I was not feeling to well at summer camp and they told me to go see the doctor.

He had me strip naked and he began his exam. He wanted to take my temp rectally and I said no way. He said he will take my temp that way and I will not like how it will be done if I keep it up. I said you will not. He bent me over the exam table and started spanking me by hand. He called the nurse in. He held me down as I was kicking as he spanked me. He kept spanking until I stopped kicking.

I felt him caressing my bottom and him feeling my crack. I felt him pull away and heard the slap of an exam glove. Then I felt something cold on my crack. The felt his fingers dancing over my hole then in he tried to plunge is finger in. Pop went in his finger and I screamed. He said stop you screaming or I will give you something to scream about. That was when I heard his belt buckle jingle and swish through the belt loops.

I felt the burning heat of the belt land repeatedly. After I stopped screaming, he resumed exploring my rectum. He basically was fingering me and told me I earned being punished more and this was just the start.

He decided to finger me and spank me at same time making me buck. At some point I actually started moaning. The doctor said the treatment is working. He had the nurse help put me in a better position to expose my bottom wider. With that he started spanking my crack and hole. And back to the bottom. He checked my cock for and erection and I had one. He said I was a very naughty boy and focused spankings me and stroking me.

After he made me cum, I was relaxed enough he said to take my temp. I felt him move away and then I heard rustin around. I then felt someone behind me and then something rubbing up and down my crack. It was not a thermometer. It was his cock. In one big long push he went in. I screamed and kicked and he spanked me some more. He did both until he pulled out of me once he was done.

He declared that I had been cured of what failed me. But the very next day he wanted to check on me. He did the same thing each day I was there.

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