What is the nastiest thing you’ve done for revenge?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 29, 2020 04:29 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 29, 2020 04:29 PM

I worked at a juvenile facility, it had 4 male cottages and 2 female cottages. It was dreadful when I had to work in the female cottages. I despised probably 90 % of the female juveniles there. I always got stuck watching this girl named Elisa on “One on One.” I was the lowest in seniority like they say “shit rolls downhill.” She claimed she was suicidal she had some superficial scars on her wrist but she was 16 so obviously, she wasn’t striving to kill herself. She had to stay in what they called a Time Out Room, for punishment. I was the lucky staff member who had to sit at the entrance of the room and document her actions every 15 minutes. I guess at some point she had obtained a razor blade from somewhere, it was a blade for a utility knife. I don’t know how she got it. I usually just tried to tune her out. She didn’t like me and I didn’t like her.

I never even looked up when she said: “ I think I’ll cut myself.” I just said, “go ahead dumbass.” I couldn’t believe it when the goofy girl actually did it. I’m supposed to be monitoring her to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid. I got in some trouble over it, but we had a killer union there, thank God. I would say that probably a month had gone by before I had to work in the cottage she was in again. They had hired a new girl since the last time I had worked in there. She was saddled with the responsibility of being Elias one on one now. She was gorgeous too. I thought she was anyway. We actually started talking quite a bit and ended up going out and eventually moving in together. I guess Elisa wanted revenge over the razor incident because she claimed that Rebecca tried to come on to her in a sexual way. She hadn’t been working long enough to be in the union yet. You had to complete a 90-day probation period before you could be hired full time. So they told her she should probably quit or they would have to file charges against her on behalf of Elisa. They knew she didn’t do anything but kids as messed up as Elisa meant extra money for the facility. I had pretty much made my mind up that I was going to quit the job anyway because I hated it. I walked into the cottage one day and Elisa said: “ why don’t your girlfriend work here anymore?”

I didn’t even respond to her. They kept snacks in this big gray metal cabinet. I was getting some out for the kids and I saw Elisa’s hygiene stuff in the cabinet, the goofy girl would drink shampoo trying to commit suicide. She really couldn’t have anything in her possession she even ate a toilet bowl sanitizing powder packet. I handed out the snacks and I was getting ready to lock it back when I saw a bottle of Nare in the cabinet also. I knew I was quitting so I poured some of the Nare into Elisa’s shampoo bottle. I was scheduled to be off the next two days. Like an hour before I was supposed to be at work the union President called me, she said: “are you really serious about quitting?” I said absolutely. She said would you please do it today. I asked why? She said I don’t want to deal with what you did and fight this company if you’re quitting anyway. I just went ahead and quit that day. I never got to see the aftermath from it, but it obviously did something.

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