What is the opinion of Pakistani Quorans on Orya Maqbool’s version of history that he propagates on his show?


What is the opinion of Pakistani Quorans on Orya Maqbool’s version of history that he propagates on his show?

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  1. Orya Maqbool Jan represents Islamic fundamentalists on media. He is a strong voice, very influencing media celebrity. He represents far right in Pakistan, thus naturally people with liberal tendencies hate him. He is either loved or hated, nothing in -between. He is loved by the people who

    Think Pakistan is not following Islam and want more Islam in the country.
    Like political Islam
    Consider present democratic system un-Islamic and want khilafa style government. This group include terrorists. He is the only journalist to support ISIS (by praising some of their actions and never speaking against them). He also often fantasise Jihadist leaders.
    Hate Iran (because Orya Maqbool is strongest Iran basher in Pakistani media)
    Want to see Islamic dominance in the world.

    This Group includes:

    Practising Muslims (not all of-coarse), Non-practising Muslims who think problems in Pakistan are because of no-adherence to Islamic principles.

    On the other hand, Orya is hated by the people who

    Are liberal. Liberals don’t believe religion should be involved in state business. They think Pakistan is already over-dosed with religion. State is already taking religion into consideration in every matter. Liberals love music and art. They want friendship with other countries and don’t want dominance of Islam on world, instead want to co-exist. They don’t hate USA and Israel. They want to live a good life.
    are Shias. Shias of Pakistan (including me) absolutely hate Orya Maqbool Jan. We believe he is more dangerous than Taliban. Because he is changing the minds of Pakistanis towards extremism. And when extremism rises, we are the first to feel the burnt. See my answer in link to know more about how extremism effects shia’s of Pakistan more than others
    What is it like to be a Shia Muslim in Pakistan?
    Christians, Hindus and other less populated groups also feel threatened by Islamic fundamentalism and hence Orya’s ideology . I suppose, it is same in India and other parts of the world that minorities usually want liberal governments.
    Normal people who want to have good peaceful life without having to sacrifice for glory of Islam.

    I hope i was not biased!

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