What is the Pakistan Army doing now? Where are its troops standing?

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Jan 11, 2020 12:21 PM 1 Answers
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What is the Pakistan Army doing now? Where are its troops standing?

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Oct 01, 2021

India announced that BJP will get Azad Kashmir back from Pakistan including GB & will close CPEC route to defeat China’s BRI to block her way to become an economic super power. India clamped curfew upon her own so called integral part population of 80 millions human beings in IOK to instigate Pakistan to start an armed struggle. This was ill thought out plan of Mr Modi which Imran Khan & Pakistan Army thwarted with sanity & patience. Now, India is in quagmire how to come out of this snare.

Pakistani Forces are constantly in a situation of high alert to respond any aggression from India. Forces are already moved as an ever ready & regular measure at nearby places where from they can respond quickly to Indian aggression at any place from Kargil to Karachi. In fact, Pakistan has established Cantonments nearby all Indian border, therefore, no visible movement is required.

Security situation is regularly being reviewed through Core Commandars Conferences. Pakistani Forces on ground, in air & in sea are ready to repulse any aggression & for a counter offensive. I will not say war is no solution because whenever I wrote it, Indians made mockery of it. So, start a war if you think India will shine more & will make tremendous progress in the wake of an annihilating war.

All our defence systems are prepared as a deterrence against Indian aggression. When I say aggression; it includes every sort of aggression. We are ready. Welcome!!

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