What is the process of writing a book like?


What is the process of writing a book like?

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  1. Book writing is not what anybody with good vocabulary can write, its actually way more than what you think writing could be. the writing is humor of the writer that creates a big impact on the audience.

    The writing path has many benefits though if its written the right way and with the right prospective rather than writing with the intentions of earning money through it. If the content is written with the value added material it not only has big impact on the readers but automatically increases your following and credibility which would automatically get you a lot of money. The majority of writers only make about half the average annual wage!

    Benefits of Book writing

    It enhance your visibility
    Attracts pre-qualified prospects
    Opens doors of profit and opportunity.

    Process to write a Book:

    Nail down the story idea
    Choose your novel’s point of view
    Develop your main characters
    Establish conflict and stakes
    Create an outline
    Choose your story structure
    Pick a writing software
    Write to market
    Establish a writing routine
    Consider literary devices and techniques
    Revise your story
    Work with beta readers
    Hire a professional editor

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