What is the real image of Pakistan?


What is the real image of Pakistan?

Mudassir Ali 10 months 1 Answer 136 views

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  1. As an American who has been to Pakistan twice in the last 5 years, for me personally, this is the real image Pakistan:

    Very conservative & radical Islamic society
    Hospitable & emotional people
    Very high rate of illiteracy
    Has some beautiful mountains & scenic areas in the northern part
    Sanctuary for many terrorist groups & known terrorists
    Rampant lawlessness & corruption
    Inept civilian government & cunning military establishment
    Widespread persecution of women & minorities
    Self congratulatory & attention seeking
    Constantly desiring to achieve parity with its much bigger, stronger & famous neighbor

    To sum it up – A country which has potential but currently has many serious issues.

    (I have received comments from some Pakistanis who are assuming that I’m Indian – I assure you that I’m not. Also, let me make it clear that I have absolutely nothing against Pakistani people & I think that a vast majority of Pakistanis are good people who are just trying to get on with their lives & have nothing to do with terrorism. The current problems in Pakistan are largely due to some bad decisions & policies by its leaders in the past – especially by military dictators)

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