What is the real image of Pakistan?

Mudassir Ali
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What is the real image of Pakistan?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 27, 2019 02:02 PM

Going Anonymous as many people visit profile and start abusing as they just don’t like what they wanna hear.

Here is my opinion as American. I read news and many of my colleges are from India and Pakistan.

Few good things:

Pakistan has good potential in development,

They recently did a massive tree plantation and pledged for 10 Billion tree plantation which is massive and appreciated in world media.

Pakistan produces gymnasium related product and world wide it is used, and few more product also. I have seen those in many of stores here: Target, Walmart etc.

Pakistan has a good history in cricket : good bowler, Whatever I knew about cricket is from Indian friend and Pakistani friend. Both agrees Pakistan has good track of fast bowlers, their current leader Imran khan was also good bowler. ( you can correct me if wrong).

Bad things:

Pakistan is safe heaven for terrorist groups , how in earth can person like bin laden live there. And government even denied that. You see, they even not accepted that.

Along with bin laden many more terrorist group are safe there. this shows government of Pakistan is not able to handle, it is fault of Pakistani public who choose such government.

Pakistani Army dominates government decision, 40+ years they have ruled there so most of public mindset is also leaning towards that.

Lack of education and biased study material: Now this is huge, always you need to accept you success and defeat both. As per internet sources and friends , India and Pakistan have fought 4 wars, and all 4 time Pakistan lost. But most of Pakistani friends don’t even accept it and they says they have been taught that they won all 4 , common, please search it in internet please at-least.

Biased media in Pakistan: Please accept this fact , most of world media is biased, but some channels still try to show good and correct facts without being biased , but in Pakistan 99% news are biased and try to show them better than everyone.

Competition from India: at first being competitive is good, so if you compete with India , it is good if you do in development, education, provide a happy environment. making your economy strong. I have seen people of Pakistan are jealous(may be not applicable to 100%) as India does good in economy , they develop good infrastructure. In many of news , they reject this part and irrespective of lacking they showcase that Pakistan is more developed. Seriously, please at-least try to be unbiased for few minutes and read a comparison.

Denial of terrorism: Being honest, Pakistan is a safe home for terrorist( based on news reports) and they even don’t consider them as terrorist, ( based on news they call them as mujaheddin( see one of its previous leader Musharraf says), I read about it it means freedom fighter), See a terrorist is terrorist, he cannot be freedom fighter for you, these terrorist have blasted many bombs and killed 100s of Pakistani also, so please stop calling them freedom fighter.

and few more small small problems with Pakistani people and country. What I understood is, you need to choose a strong government which can control its army, not army should rule government, they both should remove its tag of terrorism country.

Make a friendly relation with India. Focus on development , , provide good education ,provide jobs, make a strong economy, what current Indian leader Narendra Modi is doing. If you will ask anyone in America about Indian you will get good only, they are reputed hardworking, but ask about Pakistan, first thing you see as they are terrorist or culprit, or somehow related to bad things.

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