What is the role of computer in information technology?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 12, 2020 01:08 PM

The computer serves a number of roles across the entire spectrum of Information Technology. That’s why many people tend to think of “Information Technology” as being interchangeable with “Computer Science”. IT is actually about the systems for managing and distributing information and the computer is just one tool (albeit, a very versatile one) in that toolbox.

So, at the front end, computers can be used to collect data. That data can come from sensors, user input or can even be created internally based on calculation or correlations of other data. Data that’s collected is initially stored in computer memory. In the case of specialized data collection devices, there may be a dedicated computer contained in the sensor package, and multiple tiers of computers that consolidate and route the data to a centralized general purpose computer)

That data can then be transferred to longer term storage which is also managed and controlled by computer. This normally takes the form of disk arrays made up of physical hard drives or SSDs.

The data can be analyzed, processed, correlated, transformed and presented as information. Computers and specialized software perform that function and create the visualizations, reports and a UI (user interface) to that data that presents the information in context.

Computers can then be used to tag and index that information based on a common taxonomy so that it can be found by other computers, software or human users.

Additional data can be collected from the users on how the data/information is being consumed and that can feed back into the earlier stages of the process to refine the results and provide more relevant/meaningful information to the users (or other systems)

Of course, along the way, the data is often transmitted and routed over networks (controlled by computers), distributed via email, web and file sharing (served by computers), formatted/published/printed (on computers and by devices containing dedicated computers)

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