What is the saddest thing you have seen today?


What is the saddest thing you have seen today?

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  1. I was searching one video for one of my answer and suddenly I found one thing that completely changed my mood. This video is regarding post Kargil War 1999.

    Indian soldiers were carrying the dead bodies of 3 Pakistani soldiers who were covered in Pakistani flag. A group of Pakistan soldiers come in from another side of border to collect the coffins.

    Both Pakistani and Indian officers greet and salute each other. Indian officer explains the procedure of handing over dead bodies to Pakistani personnel.

    And you know the most emotional part of this video, Pakistani and Indian soldiers altogether salute to those three Pakistani soldiers.

    This is not the end, Indian soldiers gave guard of honor to Pakistan soldiers when they were carrying the coffins of their soldiers. On the same lines, I appreciate Indian Army for their act of professionalism and humanity.

    I felt extremely sad for soldiers of both countries. These soldiers are pride for their countries. This is sick that that we are losing them at both ends in the name of political and regional differences.

    I wish we were living like friends + brothers instead of enemies.

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