What is the status of coronavirus in Italy?

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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 12, 2020 02:21 PM

Dear friend, the following happens.

The virus is making us do what few would normally do: rediscover the rules. Only then the rules always apply and in any case very bad, so it doesn’t make much difference.

At the beginning of the official news of the contagion in China, the italian official press and Government organs told us that it was little more than a cold. Shortly thereafter they corrected the shot and said it was like a flu, which can have worse consequences for those who contract it than a cold. Moreover, it is typical of certain viruses to transform and present themselves under different aspects in a short time, so in theory everything is fine (…). Then they said it only affected the elderly – the first victims in China were identified as being in their eighties with physicists weakened by the deprivations of the Japanese occupation during the Second World War. This testifies that wartime hardships often leave indelible marks on those who experience them, and that the supercompetent specialists of the government of the new humanism have imagination if they want.

Then we were told that the government had put in place the best system of control and prevention measures in Europe, and so far still theoretically all is well. Then from February 21st, things went into practice when it was made official that there was an outbreak in Codogno, and they informed us that they had taken extraordinary measures to limit it, and that there was nothing to worry about. Then they closed schools for a week, which became two, and before the end of the second week the period became one month, a sign that things were going a little less well than they expected. Then after less than 2 weeks from the infection they said that to face the emergency (“Which one?”, One wonders if everything was going well and everything was under control) Italy needed thousands of doctors, nurses, masks, beds and intensive care unit that did not have, a sign that things were really bad.

And now that Italy, with its “best system in Europe” has 9,172 people infected and 463 dead (more than those that made the earthquake in 2016), and has become the second country in the world after China most affected by the coronavirus , with a mortality rate close to 5% – double the world average – what do they tell us?

They inform us that the virus that only killed the elderly and those who had previous situations due to respiratory diseases can affect everyone, which translated means that it could kill anyone, a clear sign that the supercompetents have exhausted their imagination and the virus presents itself for what it is: a killer pathogen, with above average aggression.

Thanks for the frankness: it hurts, we had understood it, as before the discovery of the infection in Codogno we had understood without being geniuses, doctors or the Minister of Health Speranza (which literally means just hope, you can admire him in the photo below) what realistically would have happened when systematic and scrupulous excellence and controls were declared that did not correspond precisely to the facts.

In the meantime, draconian measures have been taken, the latest of which is a decree issued at 2.15 am on March 8 in which President Giuseppe Conte declared that the so-called “Red Zone” of interdiction to limit the virus – which as expected did not stop despite government and tele-government statements which in 2 weeks said 3 times that it was losing virulence – now it affects the whole of Lombardy and 14 provinces of Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Marche, inhabited by 16 million people, more than 1/4 of the entire Italian population.

The restrictive measures have therefore been extended to the whole national territory and provide, in addition to the schools closed until April 3, bars and restaurants with closing at 18.00, no weddings and funerals and movements reduced to the indispensable, with a ban on moving from a municipality of residence to the other, if not for work and health reasons to be certified by self-declaration, which can also be made sitting immediately by filling out a form provided by law enforcement. The veracity of the self-declaration can also be verified with subsequent checks … very useful thing (!!!)

The sanction for those who violate the limitations on travel is generally provided for in article 650 of the penal code (non-compliance with a provision of an authority, which provides for the arrest of up to three months or a penalty of up to 206 euros).

The drastic measures had to be taken before, long, long before March 8th, such as closing schools immediately after the Carnival bridge instead of wasting a month arguing about the sex of the virus that wears a politically correct crown and of the motto of “we remain human”, which now becomes the verbal panacea to justify any crap and inability, of which the Italians are nauseated. When we get out of this crisis, because we get out, this government should have the decency to leave, which it will not do if the virus does not give them a hand, instead of staying on the most imaginative arguments that will go “from the good of the country”, who have shown that they do not know how to do, to the skills demonstrated during the emergency that they have contributed to causing, with their own lack of care, indifference or mix of both.

In the face of this armistice situation of 8 September 1943 in the Lombard hospitals, as anesthesiologists and doctors point out, if there is no longer a place you have to choose who can be treated and who cannot, which means who must still live or who risks to die, that is, first of all the elderly, whose names now disappear anonymously in the face of the growth of deaths. And to think that still 10 days ago the government spoke of little more than an influence, inviting to lower the tone. Well, the tone will be lowered when you are able to save the lives of citizens without resorting to the lottery, lives that you should defend and that you said were safe in the best health system in the world (Bonaccini, with reference to the regional elections of January, less than 2 months ago) and Europe (Hope, with reference to the whole of Italy) even without first agreeing on the versions to be circulated.

Humanism was born to bring reason to rise above the ipse dixit which reflected the cultural and social immobility of a Middle Ages largely dominated by the church, which wanted the submissive and poor man, because poverty could always count to sell him the story of an afterlife better than the real misery that imposed on him. Classical Greek and Roman authors were studied by humanists to rediscover the real meaning of what they had wanted to communicate, putting aside that allegorical content that clerical culture had stuck to them for 1000 years. From this was born the philology and the rediscovery of the most authentic sense of the text and of the truth it contained, a spirit that will then be taken up by the Renaissance and later spur the Enlightenment.

Italy is a secular state, but today the Italians are forced to believe those who took office in the government spoke to us about “new humanism” and ask us to trust them as they divulged an allegory of the virus, to reveal now a reality where hospitals lack beds, intensive care rooms and doctors have to choose who should live and die as if they were behind the back in any conventional war in the third world ?! It is clear that if there are no beds, it does not depend on the Conte government, but on the governments that for at least 20 years have cut public spending on health and education, happy to obey the diktats and visions of political figures like Lagarde, Monti and Prodi, who invoked the beauty of absolute poverty, and strictly limited to the less wealthy, to keep … the accounts in order !!!

In this delusion the scruple for counting has produced a void of substantial rights which in Italy has caused 4.5 million total poor people. In 1980, 922 per 100,000 inhabitants, almost 1 for every 100 inhabitants, received emergency care and intensive care beds. Forty years after the regular cuts in healthcare spending that we have undergone, in particular in the last 20 years, have brought Italy below the European average, with 275 beds for every 100,000 inhabitants, equal to about 1 place out of 400 inhabitants . The Conte government is not responsible for this, but for the story that has transformed the desert of health into an eden garden for 15 days and for the unpreparedness we have seen in recent days, in part it is.

The emergency due to the Coronavirus in which Italy is located today is expressed in the dramatic choice of those who have to decide the survival or death of people arriving in an emergency room and it resolves in this: it is the inability of a system healthcare system presented as efficient in managing an emergency – the first one it faces – and which causes the death of the people most at risk, simply because the structures and staff needed to treat them are lacking. So far still “all right”? He told us shitty words saying that the situation was under control and then discovered that there were no doctors or beds, and that those who get sick would do better to have faith in the afterlife, rather than in the reason and means of the state, as test of “new humanism” frankly sucks a little. Here: not even the virus, despite everything, managed to make the government tell the whole truth. Not yet at least.

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