What is the weirdest thing you have ever experienced?

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  1. When I was 16.. I had a part time job in a restaurant… like mels diner

    the place closed at 1 am .. we were all on our way home

    I opened the walk in cooler door at 130 am.. it was open late on Friday and Saturday night for the party crowd

    I saw the 18 year old cook.. who looked like larry bird.. screwing the ground beef

    it came in a 10–20 pound cardboard box wrapped in plastic… it was 1976.. before the American pie movie

    he hoped I didn’t see the full act.. he said he was wacking off ..as he had been making out in the office with the waitress., you know blue balls.. hit butt was going in and out.. his back was to me luckily

    but I saw it .. the box was ripped open.. and he was pretending he was a bull.. to a dead cow.. I went along with his story

    the guy was covered in zits and life was hard enough

    I have never had a burger since 1976

    he also pissed in a pan and soaked a lady’s steak in it before cooking

    she always sent it back never cooked right

    she loved this one

    you think the goat and brain are bad

    from the movie., waiting

    i have always been nice to food workers

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