What is the weirdest thing you have seen or heard in a public washroom?

Mudassir Ali 9 months 1 Answer 116 views

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  1. Thank you, my friend, for asking me to reply to your embarrassing question. Good Afternoon.

    As I needed to use a stall in the restroom, the door was shut, and locked from intruders, while I attended to my evacuation duties..

    I was uncomfortably aware of a little boy crying, and his mother, telling him to be quiet, as she “almost had it cleaned up.”

    I became even more uncomfortably uncomfortable, as I heard advice being volunteered to this mother by other women.

    At this point, I was hoping like Hell there were numerous women who had mistakenly entered the Men’s Room. As logic seemed to throw a cold glass of water at my desperate hopes, I deliberately remained silent, and kept the stall door closed and bolted.

    I was in the Women’s Restroom for quite some time, before it was mercifully quiet, and empty, upon which I made a hasty retreat. Although, I clearly saw the “Men”s’” on the restroom sign, I failed to notice the “Wo” that preceded the rest of the word.

    So, I have a suggestion. Can’t they just label restrooms as Guy’s or Gal’s?

    I hope you have a pleasant Afternoon, my friend.

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