What is your best PUBG moment?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 21, 2020 04:02 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 21, 2020 04:03 PM

In a car with an enemy – This happened to be in a solo game in Miramar. After I jumped from the plane there was an enemy who landed just 50 m ahead of me. He stepped into a vehicle(as shown below) and when he was about to drive I took the third seat. He didn’t realize that I was in. Hence, I changed my position to the second seat just next to him. He got shocked, puzzled and he stopped the car. For about 30 seconds he just waited for me to react. He didn’t know that even like him I was without any of the weapons. Finally, when a third person attacked our car with a gun he started to drive again. I was totally calm and this made him jump out of the car and he died immediately as half of his health was already damaged by the third person’s attack. Anyways, I got the vehicle :D.

Teaming up in a Solo game – As soon a the game started, a person (let me name him as A) asked to team up. Another player (B) and I (C) responded to the call and we landed at Camp Bravo. Being strangers all three of us first collected gun and then waved at each other. The alive counter reached 20 and we decided to hide in a house until zone reduced. There was a mannequin in the house (as shown in the image below). All of a sudden B got into a funny mood and started to hit mannequin with a melee weapon. A joined him and used his Pan to hit the mannequin. Accidentally Player A hit B and he died with a single hit of Pan. After that B abused player A like Virat Kohli. The way he abused I just wish that I could have recorded it.

Underestimated by a teammate – As shown in the image below, I play with these members quite often. Let me name us as A, B (Myself), C(elder brother of A) and D(friend of C). Once when other three players died, C passed a comment that I won’t be able to win Chicken dinner for the team. Unfortunately, I got into a tough situation and was surrounded by a squad and got killed. But I decided that one day I will prove C that I can guide our team towards victory without any of his help. Two weeks ago when we teamed up again, C and D died after 10 minutes. Player A was struggling in this particular game and wasn’t in good touch. When Alive counter reached 10, A got knocked out by an enemy. I revived him and thereafter killed 4 of final 10 alive and ultimately we won. I was the MVP in this particular game with the kill count of 8. C was totally silent and in the very next match A (as mentioned he happens to be the brother of C) passed the below comment
Ab se mein Nitesh ko hi follow karunga (i.e Now onwards I will follow Nitesh)

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