What is your dirtiest secret as a teen?

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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:49 PM

This is perhaps, the longest and the most expressive answer I have ever written on quora. I am going anonymous because this answer contains the most explicit sex scenes and dirty stuff… way too much for a teenager like me. I guarantee you, every single word written is real, and has happened in over one year.

Warning: super hard ‘boner’ alert.

Read on… to the very end.


A year back, When I was fourteen, my life was one heck of a roller coaster. Life in Delhi is an awesome feeling, and we have to always keep up with the febrile energy of this metro city. I am living and studying in south Delhi, and I had garnered a huge number of friends whom I had known since a decade, or perhaps just a few days. Life was fun, I got the attraction of every single girl in my school (I still get the same amount of it), ranging from the dusky bombshell in specs, who happened to be my competition in the toppers rank, to the cute and fair girl who sat on the bench adjacent to mine, always finding ways to touch my forearms (I guess that’s what girls call a cue). This was partly due to my good looks and lithe figure, something which the boys of my age lack heavily. But even when I never really got into a serious relationship with anyone, I made sure to use each and every opportunity of getting close to them.

Our canteen was my favorite spot. It was present on a small corner, near the children’s rides. The students literally broke through the gates and crowded the canteen, like a swarm of hungry bees. And guess what? Most of them were girls. I know I will be hated by almost all the girls, and a few boys out there, but this, is the reality- One can find immense pleasure while pushing themselves behind a girl. And I did just that. I enjoyed groping the swell of their hips, and their plump breasts while they jostled in the crowds. The girls would be shocked at first, but then saw me and gave in. I think this is what estrogen does to them during adolescence. (I feel guilty as I write this). I did this at almost every crowded place- school, mall, amusement parks, friends’ house, weddings and even in temples. Rubbing my d*** was a heavenly feeling. I tried this with my teacher as well, but I guess she didn’t realize it. Ah! talking about my teachers, they are super hot. Especially four of them. Some of my friends even told me that one of the teachers had some special interest in me, but I still don’t think it’s true. I won’t explain the details of their faces, cuz that might reveal their identity.

Teachers turned into apsaras in summers. Wearing their sexy sarees, which slyly revealed their milky back and deep navels, one can’t help staring at them. The teacher I tried to touch (as mentioned above) was my real crush. She was a teacher of biology, and she never taught us in the higher class, but God! she was beautiful and I loved her. She wore perhaps the most revealing saree, and had the looks of a seductress. I just dreamt of having sex with her, and perhaps all four of them together… while vigorously fapping on her photos on fb. So one fine day, when we were doing a bio- project (I am excellent at all subjects btw), she was explaining us a model, and I gently crept behind her pushed myself into her back, slowly feeling her ass… Paradise! But to my surprise, she didn’t even flinch. Perhaps she didn’t get it in the heavy crowd. So I went a notch further, acting as if I had ignorantly lifted my arm for some work. I touched her milky, curvy torso. Oh god! It was so soft, as if I was touching feathers. I got super hard, and she sould have felt it a hundred percent. But she didn’t. She kept on blabbering, while I enjoyed her back and her torso for a full ten minutes. My guy friends told me that Mam had broken into a smile for no reason when she was holding the lymphocyte model, and I froze, because that was around the moment I had felt her. Just imagine how pleasantly surprised I was.

Another teacher who taught juniors was a part of the ‘sexy four’. While she was always into westerns, she looked equally hot. If one has a good eyesight, he can surely get a look of her sexy boobs, through the one inch gap between her shirt buttons. My friends said that she always bore her eyes into me, and if I remember correctly, she had once come up from behind and put her hand on my shoulder, asking me which book she should read (we were in the library with a few more students around). I tried to pull my head behind, in order to feel her breasts, but couldn’t. I still remember those beautiful, long fingers, and her aroma. Later that night, I broke my own record in you- know-what. I don’t know if my instincts are right. But I leave that to you. (I am dying of shame)

Now coming to my maid. She was, obviously, a bihari, a plump, curvy, and fair lady with big breasts and stomach. She was married a few months back, to a rather disgusting guy, who had once come to drop her here. I savoured every moment of her near me… When she bent down to mop, sweep or clean the floor, table etc, Her cleavage literally popped out, along with her lingerie. Her ass was usually visible when she went wet while washing our clothes. Even today when I compare her to the other, shitty looking, half- nepali maids, I feel I am really lucky. My mother was quite generous and once pulled her along to the Kalka Mandir(which is extremely crowdy). So she chose to wear a saree… boom! The entire while we were inside the temple, I was sticking to her, while my mom went ahead. I began with pushing my tool into the gap between her hips, then my d*** was joined by my hands, both hands, and I started to touch her soft ass, pressing them as hard as I could. I knew that there were around 2 more people doing the same. Slowly, hands went up, towards her ‘kamar’. And I started feeling and massaging them. It was lovely… I wanted to dig in her navel, but that would have crossed the limit. I once even bent down, acting as if I am adjusting my shoe, and felt her kamar rub against my http://face.It was just a little less than sex. My hands went further up, and I semi-cupped her boobs feeling her nipple, kissing her back and neck, revealed by her blouse. We continued for half an hour, and I am sure she knew what I was doing, cuz she insisted to sit the farthest in the Auto, with my maa in between.

This happens all the time. Once in the car, there were around two saree- clad aunties, my cousin, and I in the back seat. I wasted no time… We were sitting agein- piche… and the entire ride, I made sure the auntie’s boobies rubbed against my shoulders, and my hands were rested on the smooth back of the other.

Now coming back to the people near about my age. I even go to a drawing class, which is near my home. Perhaps I am one of the only two boys in the group. Our sir, even though an excellent artist, was a pervert. He never ignored any chance of getting close to girls. But honestly, in matters like these, I was (still am) the boss. Out of the six girls, three, or four surely had the looks of a pornstar. Even a slightest gaze at them got me erect in no time. I guess my handsome masculinity worked here as well, and we flirted more than we drew.

My sir knew me since the time I was a child, because my granny taught his daughter music. His daughter, lets call her KJ, was 18. She had known me since I was 3, and we never had the brother- sister element, even though we pretended to. We were really close, and both of us knew what was going on. KJ had a fetish for revealing shorts, giving me an ample view of her sexy thighs. We shared a lot of non-veg jokes, and our habits and likes were too similar. So we had been really close. Lust got the better of me, and it became a frequent habit of mine to enjoy her. Then came the big day… the first time I went all out for a girl.

I remember the day when my parents had to go for work, so they left me with KJ. My sir and his wife had been out too. Now wait for it…we were watching the trailer of infinity war together in the months of january, 2018, just to increase our hype… We were really close. So close that I could smell her hair, her juicy lips, her legs. My hands slowly went for her legs, and then I felt them. I felt small buds of hair, barely visible on her legs, and brushed my hands against them. She giggled and then smiled at me, her mouth shut with excitement. My hand went up, towads her thighs, and I pressed them tightly, yet gently. Oh, they were so soft, so cold, so sexy. I felt more horny than ever. I tried to get deeper, when she suddenly said- “Wait, not here…”

I got the cue and got up. I had always dreamt of such a moment. Totally filmy. I had prepared for sex, not even knowing with whom, or when will it happen. I had two options to choose from…

1. Recreate the sex scene of scarlett johansson in don jon ( quick and crisp)

2. Recreate the sex scene of dakota johnson in Fifty shades of grey (long and passionate)

I chose the latter since I had all day. Here it starts.

I pulled her into her bedroom and closed the door. The only light coming was from behind the curtains and under the door… PERFECTION. I asked her to stand right in front of the bed. She did. I told her not to move. She agreed. A seductive grin spread across my face. I bent down and sat on my knees. This was it… Slowly, I un-buttoned her shorts, and started pulling them down. What lied in front of me was a white panty. I pulled myself and kissed her soft thighs. She shudderd, her estrogen coming out in boosts, but I had just began. I kissed them again, passionately, this time nearer to her vagina. My hands started tracing her waist, and she started to lose control. Her hands went for my head, and she started caressing my hair. Then, gently enough, I pulled her panty off, and smiled. She had shaved her vaginal hairs, and I had a clear view of her paradise. It was so juicy and felt all watery. My d*** started madly pushing my jeans, dying to come out. I didn’t even look at her face, but just pushed my mouth in the paradise. I felt a small, soft piece of tissue and recognized it as the clitoris. I pulled my tongue out and started playing with it. Then I heard it, a small moan, full of lust, and pure lust. KJs grip on my hair tightened. I started licking her all over and she was moaning uncontrollably. It was my first time, and I felt heavenly. But if we look at the movie, this stuff was just 10% of the entire video.

My heartbeat went faster than ever, and after pleasuring her non stop and to the max limit, I pushed her into the bed, murmuring-“my turn now!” I unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my toned body and slight abs. Her hand moved to my torso and she started tracing my body. My d*** appeared to tear the jeans any time, so i decided to ease it up a bit. I took over my pants, and my under wear, and pulled out my 5.86 inch big tool. (I think I had a d*** fairly large for my age.) I started undressing her, and pulled of her t-shirt. She didn’t wear any bra, and for the first time, I had an clear view of her Nipples. Her boobs were clearly big, around the size of Lana Rhodes, nd her nipples were super hard. I started kissing and sucking her nipples and then her soft navel.

But then, I went a level up…. I walked to the fridge, and opened the freezer. She was screaming- “No way… are u serious?”, while I continued to smile, and bought out lots of ice- cubes, put them in a bowl, and returned(just like the movie). I pulled her back, by force, to perhaps show my dominance, and held her hands to her sides. I placed a ice cube in between my teeth and my lips (damn, it was so cold), and with it, kissed her neck again. This time, she shivered, and moaned. I went down, kissed her chest, and her nipples. I encircled both of the nipples, playing nonchalently, as she moaned like a mad woman. I had forgotten, that I was just a kid. And continued like a possessed man. She was struggling, to let go of her hands, but I held them firmly, She had no escape. She was screaming “Oh my God” and my name repeatedly, just llike they do in porn movies. I bought the cube close to her vagina, and rubbed it until the ice had completely melted. We shared a deep, long passionate kiss, after which I asked “Do you have that?” She laughed, and replied- “Are u a professional, AD? You are so good!… I love it… and no I don’t hav it.”
But this didn’t stop me. I looked in the internet, that which hole should I enter, and after I got it… I decided to lose my virginity. I remember clearly how she buried her face when I entered her the first time,and then the three different positions we tried, and how we cuddled up all afternoon, until her parents, and then my parents returned. We have sex whenever we get time. OK! I am cutting my write-up short, As guilt is crushing me. My descriptive nature of writing comes by default. And I am stoping this thing before I break down. And yep… All this was 100% real.

To all those who will surely kill me if they come to know of it? I am sorry… u won’t understand the gravity, of what we call pleasure until you realize it. It comes naturally, and we can’t control it. I still see woman, as both an opportunity, and a responsibility. I am trying…. and I request all of the men who still enjoy girls and women… to stop it…

To all those who will call me lucky, I ain’t completely. I don’t have a phone, even when I am 15. I don’t have a scooty, I don’t play any game on the mobile, and I don’t have any social media account. This time I didn’t top either. Think this.

Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:49 PM


WARNING: Sexual content ahead

I am a 16 year old Indian boy. A year ago, I had gone to visit my aunt’s home in Bangalore. She was a pretty hot woman. She had huge tits and a big butt. Her figure was the best. One day, I heard her talking to her elder sister that she wasn’t happy with her husband in bed as he had a small dick and lasted only 10 minutes. Also, he lived in Dubai at that time and he would come home( India ) in the month of July. He would stay in India for a month and then he would go back to Dubai. They would be having sex only in that one month which she didn’t like.

That day, I had gone to her home with my cousin who was around 30. He left me in my aunt’s home and went to meet his friend. Later he called my aunt telling that he would not come home that day. So, at first my aunt gave me snacks to eat and juice to drink. Later, we started talking about my school and how it was different from her daughter’s school. It was around 10 am at that time and her daughter had gone to school. We decided to watch a movie and she asked me to download and play a movie. I was a virgin at that time and was very horny. I had never seen a woman naked as well. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity, I downloaded Mastizaade and asked her to come and watch it. We were watching the movie when the vulgar scenes had started. She started acting as if she didn’t notice anything and continued watching the movie. Actually she was enjoying the movie a lot. The movie ended and she saw that I had a big boner. (I think that she came to know that I played that movie on purpose). We then gossiped about random stuff when she came close to me and grabbed my dick. I was shocked as I had never expected that to happen. She then told me that I had been a long time she had sex and was bored of just masturbating. As expected, she pulled out my dick and gave me me the best blowjob ever. I then kissed her lips so intensely that I almost cummed. Then, I undressed myself and undressed her as well. I fingered her and licked her pussy. We had intercourse later and it lasted for only 10–12 minutes and I cummed on her huge tits. I wore her bra and panties and watched TV while she cooked lunch naked. We had lunch naked. After having lunch, we made out again this time me sucking her breasts and licking her butt as well. We did 69 as well which was absolutely amazing. Then we had sex in her balcony while people on the street were watching us. It was so amazing. I then gave her a facial. An hour later, my dick was paining as I had sex for the first time but she was asking for more. I said that I couldn’t have sex anymore that day. So, she gave me a golden shower ( she pissed all over my face) and I drank all of it. It felt great. We had dinner later and slept naked. In the morning we woke up early and had sex in the terrace for half an hour and had a shower together. Then, my cousin came home and we acted as if everything was normal. I stayed there for a week and later came home.

Her husband doesn’t know about our sexual relationship. We’ve had sex multiple times after that and we are still having sex.


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