What is your experience with Pakistan & Pakistani people?

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  1. Let me provide some background first. I am based in USA but originally from India ( Delhi) and i am professor of Technology products like SAP etc. I get students from various countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc.

    I want to keep Politics out of my discussions. But focus on one to one intersections and dialogues with my students.

    I personally got very high respect from all my Pakistani students here in USA.
    I am from North India so i found we speak similar language so we can communicate better & share jokes and have fun together.
    We shared similar Food habit and taste. I went to Indian restaurants with my Pakistani students several time.
    We shared common music interest. I am fan of Gulam ali, Nusrat , Rahat, Mahendi Hasan. Most pakistani like Indian music.
    Most Pakistani students are fan Indian movies and stars like Salman, Aamir , Shahrukh, etc.
    Most Pakistani like cricketer like Virat Kohli and MSD etc.

    I have very positive experience with my Pakistani students and i received very high respect / regards from them.

    I would like to say we all know political dimensions between our two countries but we MUST NOT HATE / DISLIKE each other when we are people from same heritage & History.

    I think we have MANY THINGS in common then what separate us.

    I wish some day both countries and its people will live with peace and love for each other.

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