What is your experience with Pakistan & Pakistani people?

Mudassir Ali
Dec 23, 2019 03:44 PM 0 Answers
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What is your experience with Pakistan & Pakistani people?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 23, 2019 03:44 PM

I am an Indian and I have met a couple of Pakistanis at Bangkok airport, Indonesia, Dubai and Tanzania airport.

Sometimes they feel nervous to talk to an Indian. This guy whom I met at Bangkok airport didn’t want to make an eye contact with me once he knew I am an Indian. I continued talking to him and offered to drink coffee together at some cafe, since he was flying to Lahore and I was flying to Kolkata. We had lots of time in hand. He felt at ease and we started having conversations.
They do ask weird questions. The same guy whom I met at the airport asked me a question which seemed weird to me. “Why don’t you guys marry in your family just like us”. I had absolutely no clue what to say, and I just answered him , it’s simply not a practice in my religion.
They do funny things at times. The same guy at Bangkok offered to pay for our coffee. He went ahead and gave a bill “Korean Won” to the cashier. The cashier refused to accept it. He seemed disappointed. I felt amused that he doesn’t know that Korean Won is not an internationally accepted currency. P.S – he was coming back from Korea from a business meeting.
They feel proud when they defeat India in a cricket match. The guy I met at Indonesia in a coffee shop was travelling to Indonesia with his family for leisure. When he knew I am an Indian, he started asking about my job, etc. I didn’t mind answering his questions. Then all of a sudden he told me “last match Mei humne India ko hara Diya” meaning “we defeated India in the previous match”. I didn’t know what to say because I didnt even watch that match and I had no idea about the result. I told him – “Bhai, isi baat pe party de do”. Meaning “why don’t you treat me because you guys won”. He was a bit shocked and he just moved on without saying anything.
They are friendly. I met this Pakistani guy in Dubai. He used to drive tourists to the Desert Safari and bring them back. While we were on our way , we spoke about a lot of things related to India and Pakistan. He seemed to have met a lot of proud and arrogant Indians in the past. Somehow we seemed to gel well. Later on we shared a smoke together and he dropped me back to my home. While parting we exchanged numbers and told him to pass on my greetings to his wife and family.
They are helpful. I was at the Dar es Salaam airport in Tanzania. There was some issue with my Visa and the officers asked me to pay USD 600 to get a stay permit. I only had USD 250 in my pocket and didn’t know how to get the rest of the money. It was 4 am in the morning. In the queue , I found a guy who looked like an Indian so I approached him for help. He told me he is a Pakistani but I continued to explain my situation to him and asked for help. He said he doesn’t have that much of money but he will surely call and ask his friend who was standing outside the airport. Though he couldn’t help at the end, but I was happy that he empathized with my situation.

So in my experience, every person is different and unique and we can’t measure everyone on the same scale.

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 23, 2019 03:45 PM

I have been living in Germany for more than four years now. I did masters here and then started working. I have met and interacted with around 25–30 Pakistani citizens. My observations about them based on my experiences:

I am yet to meet a Pakistani girl. Literally, I haven’t seen a single Pakistani girl studying or working here. Yes, I have seen married Pakistani Women. I have even seen/met one Bangladeshi girl but no Pakistani girl.
I am yet to meet a non-muslim Pakistani. I haven’t met or heard about a Christian or a Hindu Pakistani.
I am yet to meet a Pakistani who would say “I plan to go back to Pakistan some time.” I know many Indians/Chinese who went back after studies or say would go back after gaining a few years experience. This may be the reason as to why every Pakistani learns German at any cost. It does not matter if they fail their regular subjects, but they will learn German. It is a must to get a PR.
I am yet to meet a Pakistani, who is not religious. By religious, I do not mean that they all have beards and put on a skull cap. But – They don’t miss their prayers(namaz), they never eat chicken outside (because it is not halal), they all fast(even when the days here in may/june are extremely long). They are more religious than the Muslims from India or the Turks etc.
They do not bring their families to the office parties (the ones in which families are invited). Because kids like ice-cream and ice-creams have gelatin and other substances which are not allowed. It becomes extremely difficult to stop kids when they see other kids eating those things. I have literally seen them asking the ice-cream vendor the same question for every ice-cream they have.
They literally think if Pakistan would not have had a nuclear bomb, India would have attacked Pakistan. When I ask “Bangladesh does not have one, why did India not attack them?” They have no answer, they divert the topic. When different people at different places come up with the exact same line, there has to be some thing wrong. However, to my surprise none of them ever mentioned the UN Resolution on Kashmir (maybe they have read it by now). However, they keep on posting “Hamara Kashmir”, “the most beautiful place on earth: Kashmir” and “Indian Army’s exploitation in Kashmir” on facebook.
They have contacts. I don’t know how. But every single Pakistani that I know found a referrer in some company who happened to be a Pakistani. They have a very deep and wide network. They always have a single group unlike the students from India, who have several- A Telgu group, Tamil group, Gujju group, etc. These are basically on the linguistic basis as far as I know.
They play more cricket than the Indians here in Germany. I am talking about quantity only i.e. I know more Pakistanis who engage in cricket than the Indians.
They are politically aware.
Most of the students I know came from Sir Sayed Uni

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