What is your favourite sport and why?

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What is your favourite sport and why?

Muhammad Zeeshan
- Aug 02, 2019 01:20 PM

Basketball. It’s a very nice sports to play to various reasons.

  • It keeps you very fit, compared to many other sports. Basketball players are known to have a much greater fitness level; One of the reason being it was invented as a sport to train all sportsmen including, american footballers, soccer players, athletes, etc during winters as they couldn’t practice outside.
  • Second fastest game in the world, the action is what you don’t get in any other game except for ice hockey.
  • Its a very active game, you can’t be a lazy player. In soccer, a lazy player might be in the goal, in hockey, the same, in rugby/american football many back players are lazy. But in basketball every single person has to run up and down the court, jump around and be active!

That some reasons I love playing basketball. Its indeed a very competitive sports and you can play it in various levels.

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