What is your opinion on Zulfikar Ali Bhutto?

Mudassir Ali
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What is your opinion on Zulfikar Ali Bhutto?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 28, 2019 07:39 AM

The PPP was founded by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1967. For those who believe in Democracy here are some hard truths about ZAB.

He first came into Prominence under President Iskander Mirza in 1958 , before joining hands with Field Marshall Ayub Khan , The first martial law administrator. He became Ayub’s Foreign Minister in 1963 before parting with him and forming a left wing party in 67.
In The 1970 General Elections the PPP won 81 Seats to Awami leagues 160… just half, but Bhutto was not willing to concede PM’ship to the East Pakistan Winners. In a famous address to his elected Parliamentarians he threatened them with ‘breaking their legs’ if they dared to go to Dacca for the National Assembly session. He told Shaikh Mujeeb that you be PM of East Pakistan while I will become PM of West Pakistan. After a civil war in The Eastern Wing, they broke away and formed Bangladesh. Wow Democracy at its finest.

His next step on the road to Democracy was overthrow of the elected governments of NWFP (Present day KPK) and Balochistan and imprisoning all the leaders of opposition. Again landmark case of Hyderabad Tribunal 1974 was filed with treason charges against all of opposition to consolidate power. Senior leaders like Khan Abdul Wali Khan head of NAP (now ANP) , and Khair Baksh Marri, were imprisoned and held in jail till Another Dictator Gen Zia ul Haq released them in 1977.

The 1977 elections are considered to be the most rigged elections in The history of Pakistan and Bhutto himself accepted he had done rigging and promised to cancel elections and hold another…of course Gen Zia intervened and jailed him…. Note. ZAB accepted rigging but only promised to hold another elections instead, no Punishment for himself for trying to Steal the Mandate of the Public.

Bhutto definitely did some good things like Simla Peace Agreement after the 1971 war, getting back the 93000 Imprisoned soldiers , Hosting of the Islamic Conference in 1974, the road to nuclear Armament was started by ZAB, etc

While ZAB was a great leader he was not Democratic…. his political career started under one martial Law in 1958 and ended under another in 1977.

PPP leaders term Bhutto’s death by hanging as Judicial Murder and I agree with that…his trial was a mockery of Justice but isn’t it said, THOSE WHO LIVE BY THE SWORD SHALL DIE BY THE SWORD.


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